Best Defense Against Jihad And Islam: Support John Bolton

United Nations Ambassador John Bolton is the only guy tough eneough to stand up to the Arab and Communist Nations who want to push the United States and Israel around.  Europe has already fallen to the Jihadists and is due to fall into the dark ages soon because of their unwillingness to stand up to these Cult members of the Cartoon like Prophet Mohammad.

If Congress is absolutely determined to reject the best UN ambassador the world has seen in about a quarter of a century — John Bolton — then the only alternative if President Bush wants to keep him is another recess appointment. For that, Bolton would have to work without pay. It’s enough to make a person want to suggest that if you really care about trying to do some good in the world via the UN, stop sending your kids out to collect for UNICEF, and start sending them out to collect donations to keep John Bolton in office. Bolton, from everything I have seen, is far more honest and competent on every level than UNICEF, any of the other UN agencies, or most of the senior staff walking the halls of the UN, let alone many of the UN ambassadors whose limos cruise the streets of New York.

I would normally be against any such private meddling in U.S. foreign policy, or in matters relating to the public institution that is the UN. But the State Department in 2001 blithely accepted a $31 million check from left-leaning Ted Turner to fill a gap in U.S. dues to the UN (and thus free up much larger sums of U.S. taxpayer money to flood Turtle Bay). And the UN itself has been trumpeting its joy over its ever-expanding agenda of “public-private partnerships.” These set-ups are all very bad ideas, and someone needs to be asking why on earth both the U.S. and the UN should be franchising out public policy matters (and financing) to private players with their own agendas. But without John Bolton there, no one at the UN is going to be asking about anything very much…we will see the dawn of a new era of even greater UN impunity, moral bankruptcy and financial corruption. Why should only the left wing of U.S. politics have a private hand in UN affairs?

So, in the interest of fighting fire with fire, I wonder if anyone will start a campaign to scrap the UNICEF cans (they are not all about feedling wide-eyed children; they double-billed and padded their budgets in Iraq), and start collecting for Bolton.

The Democrats would like to fill the position with someone who will submit to the will of the Islamic/Arab/Communist thug nations.  John Bolton has proven that he has the balls to stand up against these Jihadist schmucks.

The U.S. Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, launched a scathing attack on the United Nations Friday.

Bolton was furious over the adoption by the General Assembly of a resolution which said the assembly regretted the deaths of 19 civilians in an attack by the Israeli military in the town of Beit Hanoun last week. Despite the resolution being significantly watered down at the behest of the United States, and being passing by 156 votes to seven, Bolton launched a blistering attack on the UN, and many of its members.

“Many of the sponsors of that resolution are notorious abusers of human rights themselves, and were seeking to deflect criticism of their own policies,” he said. “This type of resolution serves only to exacerbate tensions by serving the interests of elements hostile to Israel’s inalienable and recognized right to exist.”

“This deepens suspicions about the United Nations that will lead many to conclude that the organization is incapable of playing a helpful role in the region,” Bolton continued.

“In a larger sense, the United Nations must confront a more significant question, that of its relevance and utility in confronting the challenges of the 21st century. We believe that the United Nations is ill served when its members seek to transform the organization into a forum that is a little more than a self-serving and a polemical attack against Israel or the United States,” he said.

“The Human Rights Council has quickly fallen into the same trap and de-legitimized itself by focusing attention exclusively on Israel. Meanwhile, it has failed to address real human rights abuses in Burma, Darfur, the DPRK, and other countries,” Bolton charged.

“The problem of anti-Israel bias is not unique to the Human Rights Council. It is endemic to the culture of the United Nations. It is a decades-old, systematic problem that transcends the whole panoply of the UN organizations and agencies,” he continued.

The Democrats are just leading us down a dark road to destruction if they replace Bolton with some Eunich of their choice.

Thanks to the Liberal Democrats, Jihadist are smelling weakness here in the United States and will feel emboldened to bring the War here to the streets of America if we pull our troops out of Iraq.

3 responses to “Best Defense Against Jihad And Islam: Support John Bolton

  1. John Bolton is saying the things we think, and WISHED everyone else in the United States government would say.
    Yet we have Condoleeza Rice saying the STUPIDIST things as head of the State Department. And not allowing Israel to finish the job in Lebanon.
    Condi supporters will excuse these statements on the grounds that she is merely following the President’s orders. Fair enough, under our system the elected President has that authority and duty to have his appointed officers carry his water. Which is our water because we elected him.
    However, the same can be said for John Bolton.
    Last time I checked, we have only ONE President at any given time.
    Is George W. Bush schizo?

  2. “Annan, whose term ends at the head of the global body ends Jan. 1, said the war in Iraq, and the failure of the U.N. Security Council to prevent the invasion by U.S.-led forces, was the biggest regret he had from his 10-year tenure.” By the Staff For the story behind the story… Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2006 1:07 p.m. EST U.N.’s Kofi Annan: U.S. ‘Trapped in Iraq’

    What does it tell us about the UN, and a man who was head of the UN, while three genocides took place, Iraq, Rwanda, and Sudan, and he says his biggest regret of his 10 year term is failure to stop the US led invasion of Iraq?

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