Liberal Democratic Pervert Gets Off Easy

I know the title to this post sounds like a story that involves Bill Clinton and a young intern but this in fact is about a man who is considered an activist and a leader in the Democratic Party who was convicted of producing Child Pornography getting an extremely light sentence.

From WorldNetDaily.Com:

Authorities say Andrew Douglas Reed, 53, who reported for an abbreviated jail term just a few weeks ago, had pleaded guilty to a page-long list of counts of 2nd-degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

Court records in the Asheville, N.C., case said he admitted that he would “record, develop and duplicate material containing a visual representation of a minor engaging in sexual activity.” That activity is defined by state law as including masturbation, intercourse and “touching – in apparent sexual stimulation or sexual abuse – of the genitals, pubic area or buttocks.”

This waste of human skin could have gotten 81 years in prison but the judge, who also happens to be a Democrat gave him only 10 – 12 months in jail because of a plea bargain worked out with the Prosecuting Attorney who (Huge Surprise) happens to be a Democrat also!

Many leaders of the Democrat Community even felt that 10 months was much to harsh and voiced their support for the Convicted Pedophile in letters sent to the court on behalf the perverted Reed.

His offenses involved a long list of counts that he used the Internet to collect and share graphic child pornography – mostly involving children as young as six who were filmed “engaged in sex acts with adults or other children,” according to a local news report.

State investigators said Reed used an e-mail account to post 169 images and three movies containing child pornography on file-sharing networks over the last several years.

So much for Democrats cleaning up their act.  Business as usual for the party whose biggest claim to fame is supporting the murder and mutilation of babies.  Democrats give no value to the life of an unborn baby, what makes you think that they place a value on that of children except for the purposes of exploitation whether it being Pornographic or Political.

One response to “Liberal Democratic Pervert Gets Off Easy

  1. Address and Telephone Number of the District Attorney’s office:

    Buncombe County Courthouse
    PO Box 7158
    Asheville, NC 27120-0083
    (828) 232-2500

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