Department of Homeland Stupidity:TSA’s Lack Of Background Checks On Employees

Would you believe that the Transportation Security Administration is just now receiving the results from background checks done over 4 yrs ago? People with possibly questionable backgrounds are screening luggage and passengers?

The answer to both those questions is a resounding YES & Yes!

My reliable sources within the Transportation Security Adminstration at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids Michigan have informed me that they are telling people who have been with the TSA since August and September of 2002 that they may or may not still have a position within the dysfunctional Governmental Agency because of the results of their background checks done 4 yrs ago!

I now work in the private sector and I have personally witnessed people being removed from orientation because of the results of their background checks, but I have never for the life of me heard of it taking over 4 years for the results to finally be audited for questionable conduct in the past.

But then again, the Transportation Security Administration is quite creative about who they decide might or might not have continuing employment within their organization.

Why is it that they consider terminating the employment of one person for misdemeanor conduct but promote another who knowingly has a Felony background? Think I’m fooling or making stuff up? I know for a fact that a convicted felon was promoted to a position of higher authority within the TSA/DHS even though it was known that he had a felony conviction.

It is amazing what one can find out simply by “Googling” someones name or being that I am a former Corrections Officer, using the system called OTIS to check names.  I have friends in low and high places that are willing to get me information on the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN).  I am able to get next day or quicker results on a background check then that of those who are charged with defending the homeland.

Not to mention the friends I have in the military that are willing to feed me information about former members of the military including that of a Supervisor and an Administrator that work for the TSA now.

The Transportation Security Administration and it’s Keepers within the Dept of Homeland Security spend more money on lavish hotel rooms, parties, awards banquets,limos, strippers, and Hookers for managers and administration then they do to check the backgrounds of people who are doing the actual work of Screening luggage and passengers.

As I’ve said before, we only have an Illusion of Security in our nations airports.  Smoke and mirrors like that used in a David Blaine extravaganza.  All we see is a bunch of underpaid screeners and overpaid administration in a very costly fishbowl putting on performance for us daily that cost us time, money and alot of frustration all so that an 90 yr old woman or man in a wheelchair can be molested while the real terrorists are given a free pass because of Political Correctness and not wanting to upset the Head Choppers.

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