The Black Mafia’s Shakedown of Michael Richards

What Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame did and said was wrong.  The way the African American Community is handling it, even more wrong then the action itself!

The NAACP, a racist organization in its own right along with some other Racial oriented groups, now want to “SHAKEDOWN” Michael Richards for millions of his dollars saying that if he were to donate Millions of his dollars to their childrens charities, then all would be forgiven.

Two men who were at the comedy club when “Kramer” went on his racial tirade are using the help of attorney Gloria Allred to shakedown Richards and separate him from millions of his dollars that he earned.

Allred would like Michael Richards to go not before a judge, but a retired judge of her choosing so that Richards can apologize and then the judge can decide whether or not Richards should poney up the dough to the two men who are visually upset to the point that they see dollar $ign$.

Of course where the microphones and cameras are, you are more then likely bound to see the Shakedown King of Racism himself, Jesse “Whose Your Daddy” Jackson, who is also trying to cash in on Richards’ slip of the tongue.

The group of Politically Correct idiots have now come out of the woodwork calling for censorship by banning the N word.

I don’t defend the behavior or the words, but I defend the right of someone to be as big an idiot as they want to be and say those words.

I am not saying what Richards did wasn’t wrong, it was without a shadow of a doubt wrong as hell, but to cash in on what he did and said, is even more wrong.  A$$holes like Jackson and Sharpton are always extorting money from people and businesses in the name of their race, although the only ones benefiting from the ill gotten dollars are crooks like Sharpton and Jackson.

What’s next, banning of the Muhammad Cartoons?  Not on my watch.

5 responses to “The Black Mafia’s Shakedown of Michael Richards

  1. Rogue Jew, you’re being surprisingly restrained (I’m almost disappointed in you.)

    Michael Richard’s behaviour was foolish and childish but “wrong?” This is a comedy club and he was dealing with hecklers. Comedy clubs in the United States have a long tradition with speakers saying offensive things. Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Richard Pryer, and Chris Rock to name a few. Even the well celebrated “Borat” is a play on this concept.

    The most chilling and ironic result of this lawsuit ultimately might be for black and leftist comedians facing lawsuits for offensive racist things they commonly say in clubs on a daily basis. It would certainly mean a potential ban on rap music. This similar situation has already been argued in the supreme court with The People vs. Larry Flint where the case was dismissed because of a constitutional right to offend other people provided it was in a private venue such as publishing or entertainment.

  2. So if your a wealthy (non-black) bigot, you can pay the toll and all is well?
    As for the N-word, if I can’t use it (I’m Non-black), then they can’t. Fair is fair.

  3. Greg has the point, and Jesse Jackson has taken it as well.

    The fact is if Michael had been Chris Rock this would not have passed the front door to the street.

    If the N-Word ban is to be enforced, it is to be enforced upon everyone, except in a comedy club where freedom of speech is protected, BECAUSE ITS COMEDY, it is no inciting an imminent lawless act.

    Yes Lenny Bruce suffered for all of our rights to make comedy. Where else better to exercise that right than a stage with a sign over the door to the auditorium?

    Many people have made healthy livings doing insulting comedy, and much at the cost of someone who paid to sit in the chair before them and take it.

    This is the reason why a jury is to decide the law, the facts, and the actions of a reasonable man. (Whoops! did I just explain the actual nature of jury trial which the courts will not?) The Jury is to determine CONTEXT of the speech as well.

    It was a comedy club! Many things are said in bad taste in those places.

    If you are not prepared for it and being an object of it, A. Do not go there and B. if you do go there do not call attention to yourself.

    Its called the Fair Game Doctrine.

    Open your mouth, expect the unexpected. That is the nature of retort comedy.

    Mr. Richards, thank you for getting attention to the word. I hate the word, which is derrived from the word niggard which means poor, which I am by the way.

    It offends me that it is pervasive in the entertainment media.

    I thank you for being the last one who will ever say it. (yeah, right!) You are ahero by calling it to the attention of Mr. Jackson, that our culture is well beyond the victimization of class, and thus it is time to get past self-deprification of words sold as entertainment.

    The woman who I love, who is black, who is told by black men to stop acting white, because she is in management but she is still black, thanks you Mr. Richards.

    Because she will let no words get in her way.

    The only time she recognizes her race is when she does her hair and makeup. The rest of the day she is incharge and sees no color to limit herself or anyone else.

    Let us be done with this word, or let us be done with fear of it.

  4. The big “dark” (and “off-white”) secret being exposed here is the notion (reality?) that racism cannot exist without reverse-racism.

    It’s like saying “hate” only goes one way.

    Rap artists use the N-word almost like evangelicals use “blessed.”

    Michael Richards is being crucified for exposing a cultural sin. (Funny, he’s a Jew, right?)

    It’s all stupid shit that will result in Gloria Alred (that vile feminist c-word) getting paid again and again.

    And Jessie (Jesse?) wants to define W-O-R-D-S as CRIMES?

    Maybe even facial expressions can be outlawed in the perfect future of PC-correct speech and expression?

    (Oh, sorry. It already exists. Ask any man convicted of “ignoring her needs…” in DV court.)

    It’s time for all taxpayers to get up a fund to send Jessie into retirement in Cuba while his lifelong friend Fidel can still give him a villa on Veradero beach.

    Funny though. Jessie would be considered a mulatto in Cuba.

    A suspect of vanilla masters….

  5. America is a nation where you can only do and say certain things if you belong to a certain group, but we still euphemistically refer to it as free speech in a free country. Blacks can say one word, women/feminists another, homosexuals another, and on and on. One exception, everyone is allowed to put down and discriminate against heterosexual white Christian males.

    We’re to the point that the only way to avoid discrimination accusations is to actively discriminate against the non-protected group. Discrimination is non-discrimination, non-discrimination is discrimination, and the so-called “leaders” among protected groups will never concede to equality or they will have no reason to exist.

    It just keeps getting worse too. Case in point: feminists. The bra-burners of the sixties did not demand that fathers be stripped of their children, life savings, and income, and be prosecuted in special courts based on female emotions on charges that he falls into some stereotype, without basic “guaranteed” Constitutional protections, and be sentenced to indoctrination camps, as is now routine. That required new leadership, a.k.a. new levels of hatred and discrimination, and huge taxpayer funded payoffs under the guise of VAWA.

    Then of course Bar Associations can never get enough business for themselves, and they control the judiciary, so its all good to them. To borrow a phrase from Jimmy Buffett, “where it all ends I can’t fathom my friend”, at least not until we are a nation of nothing but prisoners, lawyers, protected-group mafia thugs, and PC media. We’re getting close.

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