TSA Begins Virtual Strip Shows For Its Employees

Just when you thought Airport Security could not get any more moronic then it already is with the shaking down and molestation of Children, Pregnant women, and the elderly, the Transportation Security Administration is now using an X Ray device that displays a very detailed and graphic image of men, women and children. 

Other then the perverts that I know for a fact hold supervisory positions within the TSA that use their position of authority to ogle attractive women, this new device that is being tested will have what is known as a “Virtual Fig Leaf” displayed over the pubic and buttocks region.

Now that this information has been disclosed to the public by the mainstream media, if by chance a person of the Middle Eastern Persuasion is asked to submit to this X Ray imaging, they now know how to defeat this new tool against terror.

Just when you thought they were creepy enough. Just when they cornered one too many of our wives and daughters into a little screening area to start laying their hands on their bodies in the name of “security,” it’s not enough. These pseudo-officers, high on their tin soldier power, want to ogle our wives and daughters de-robed and vulnerable.

Phoenix Airport will be the first to test a new screening system that only felons deserve to be subject to. The screening system effectively photographs its subject nude.

According to the article, the images are seen by an “officer in a remote location.”

You want some middle-aged man looking at a photograph of your 17-year-old daughter without her clothes on? A middle-aged man in a booth by himself?

This is excessive and these machines will be abused by perverts hiding behind the curtains. I guarantee that the makers of these machines have a nice little financial deal with some corrupt politician in Washington. We shouldn’t stand for this, and the airlines should use their bargaining power to tell these creeps, “No.”

We will not have a bunch of Mark Foleys watching our wives and daughters from their private little booths doing whatever it is they are doing in there on our tax dollars.

When I worked for the Transportation Security Administration at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, we had a particular Supervisor on the second shift who just happens to be a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan that would point out attractive women and direct us to force them to remove their sweaters or jackets if it were obvious that she was wearing something revealing under the jacket or sweater.  He would all but jack off as she passed through the metal detector and into the extra screening area for a groping session by one of the female screeners.  All for his sick entertainment!

Now perverts like this will get their jollies off on our wives, mothers, daughters and grandmothers!

I am surprised that the American Criminal Liberties Union hasn’t jumped on this one yet.

Aside from the fact of how insane this whole thing is, the fact that the TSA will be placing a virtual fig leaf over the groin and buttocks area makes this new tool virtually useless in detecting anything dangerous.

The Transportation Security Administration, however, says it has now found a way to blur the part of the X-ray pictures that show a person’s private parts.

I was a Corrections Officer for the State of Michigan for over 10 years.  I know for a fact that if a convict knew that a particular officer was shy about touching a sensitive area when doing a Pat Down Search, that convict would make sure that is where he would hide his contraband.

An Islamic Terrorist will use this knowledge to his advantage.  And don’t even think that I’m the one revealing this information.  I saw it all over FOX News and CNN this morning.

Thanks to a$$holes like Nancy Pelosi, Keith Ellison, John Conyers, and John Dingle(berry), most Muslim and Islamic people will have the government on their side thanks to the millions of dollars they handed over as campaign donations to Liberal Democrats.  Islamic Terrorists have paid for their free pass through our nations airports while our grandparents, children, and Pregnant wives will continue to be molested and harassed by Airport Security in the name of Political Correctness. 

One big winner in the midterm elections was the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.), the next House Speaker, has announced her intention to “correct the Patriot Act,” and says: “Since September 11, many Muslim Americans have been subjected to searches at airports and other locations based upon their religion and national origin. We must make it illegal.” If she succeeds, any Muslim who is searched at an airport at any time will be able to claim that he is being illegally profiled; such a law would also have a chilling effect upon any effort to investigate jihad terror activity in the Muslim community.

And now Pelosi and Conyers will be joined in the House by the first-ever Muslim congressman, Keith Ellison (D.-Minn.). According to journalist Joel Mowbray, CAIR co-founder and executive director Nihad Awad “headlined a fundraiser last month that the campaign estimates netted $15,000 to $20,000, and in July, and it appears that CAIR’s co-founder bundled contributions totaling just over $10,000.”

In the meantime, Illegal Aliens that Liberal Democrats and our insane President wants to grant asylum to have been busted red handed or shall I say “Brown Handed” with Airport Security Badges.

At least six illegal immigrants have been caught with security badges that gave them access to restricted areas at one of the nation’s biggest airports. The Mexican men worked installing drywall and were cleared to access even the most vulnerable parts of Atlanta International Airport, including the tarmac.

Federal authorities are downplaying the critical incident, saying that they don’t believe the illegal Mexicans posed a specific threat. The point is, however, that undocumented immigrants obtained the security clearance necessary to access highly restricted areas of a major United States airport.

Virtual Strip Shows, and a Dog & Pony act so expensive it makes Barnum and Baily look like a Back Yard Wrestling show is what holiday travelers have to look forward to again this year.  So far, every possible Islamic Terrorist that the TSA & DHS has come into contact with in our nations airports, they let get away and lost track of. 
What I do know, is that after the 9/11 Islamic Terror attacks against the United States and our commercial airliners and its passengers, the flying public will not go silently into the night and allow these schmucks to take over a plane without a fight ever again.  Knowing now what these animals are capable of will ensure that despite the efforts of our government to send us to to our deaths at the hands of Islamic Terrorists, WE WILL NOT SUBMIT and WE WILL GO DOWN FIGHTING TOOTH, FANG, AND CLAW.  We will not go to our deaths willingly like sheep sent to slaughter. 

On a lighter note.  If the Gerald R. Ford International Airport ever gets one of these new X Ray machines.  You can be sure that I will use a metallic Marker to have a message written on the cheeks of my ass that says….”Have A Nice Day A$$hole”.  

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