Jimmy Carter Receives A Virtual “Bitch Slap” on C-Span

Jimmy Carter was taken to task on C-Span a few days ago when the Female Caller made it explicitly clear about her feeling for the former failed President of the United States who has made it his duty to see the Jewish State of Israel destroyed by his Arab, Persian, Communists, and Islamic Friends.

From HotAir.Com:

Female caller from Aurora, Illinois:

Yes, Mr. Carter, thank you for making me a Republican—because of your incompetence in handling the Iranians and…your cozying up with every dictator, thug, Islamic terrorist there is. And more importantly, I find it to be vile because of [untelligible] (sounds like “your blackest heart”). Because you’re an anti-Semite. And let me explain why I think you’re a bigot and a racist and an anti-Semite…

Host interrupts: I think, caller, that the name-calling is fine—is enough. But look, these are the strong questions that are coming from people…

Watch the Video for yourself!

The stupid look on Jimmy the Dhimmi’s wrinkled up face was PRICELE$$!!!

Of course, C-Span cut the caller a little short and didn’t allow her to finish scolding the Failed Former Prez over his failed policies and his anti-American attitude.

I believe he Peed in his pants when the caller bitch slapped him on National TV!

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