Is George W. Bush Really A Democrat?

The President is either the idiot the Democrats have long claimed he is or the Democrats have staged the most surprising coup of all time.  I personally feel that both opinions apply here.

In the first 4 yrs of his Administration, President Bush gave the appearance of being a strong decisive leader who was willing to do what it took to defend American interest even at the expense of the support of some of our so called friends overseas.  Now, he is willing to open up the flood gates and allow a uncontrollable stream of illegal immigrants from South and Central America, many of whom are criminals and terrorists become legal citizens of the United States.

President Bush most recently nominated Robert Gates to the spot of Sec. of Defense based upon the fact that he was a nominee that would appease the Democrats who despite their Minority in the past have been nothing but obstructionists where Judicial nominees are concerned.

Gates told the Demoncrats what they have been foaming at the mouth to hear….”We are losing in Iraq”.  Every democrat in the Senate Chambers had an orgasm upon hearing this.  Hillary Clinton hasn’t felt moist between her legs since Janet Reno was running around the White House, but the statement that we are losing, that brought life back to her cold, lifeless and dry groin.

The latest human sacrifice by this administration is UN Ambassador John Bolton  who was a tough man who didn’t bend over to the Dictators and Terrorist nations of the United Nations.  He was putting an honest effort into cleaning up the United Nations, that alone scared the bejeebers out of the Demoncrats who support anything and everything that resembles Corrupt and Criminal.

The reason why our men and women in Iraq are getting their asses kicked is because of the weakness being displayed by our President since the Democrats lost the election.  He needs to snatch his BALLS back from Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and strap them Fu*#kers back on where they belong.

It’s no wonder the Republicans got their asses handed to them last month.  The total lack of leadership and direction resembles that of a Transportation Security Adm. Operation at an airport nearest you.  That alone pisses people off.

I gotta go.  Have a great day!

3 responses to “Is George W. Bush Really A Democrat?

  1. I remember back in the 70’s when when George H. W. Bush was considered a “liberal” republican, along with the likes of Lowell Wheiker, Nelson Rockefeller, and others. They were pro-abortion, pro-welfare state, and joined the democrats in the lynching of Richard Nixon. When Ronald Reagan became the presidential nominee, George H.W. Bush was added to the ticket as VP to unite left and right wings of the party.

    As Reagan consolidated his power, and conservates gained more support, then G.H.W. Bush suddenly shed many of his lberal leanings. However, I don’t think the Bush family has ever been all that conservative. Even with all the ballyhoo about being “Texans”, they’re just liberal, Northeastern blue bloods whose true colors are now showing… It’s sad days for this country. We’re being sold out by our own government. All three branches have been corrupted, and we the people are paying the price for allowing it to happen.

  2. I began to doubt George Bush when I saw a video of him reaching over to wipe his glasses on a lady’s dress during a break in a TV interview. The lady turned to see what was going on. Bet she was surprised!

    That was REALLY, REALLY, weird! There may be something wrong with this guy.

    I know all politicians are really screwy scary people because of the fact they want to lead. There are exceptions like Ronald Reagan, or maybe Abraham Lincoln, or Winston Churchill, but very, very, RARE. Look how scattered these three are in history.

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