The Rogue Jew’s Man Of The Year- Muhammad, The Cartoon Like Prophet!

Man of The Year

I am surprised that Time Magazine let this golden opportunity pass them by.  This was their moment to appease the people of the Religion of Perpetual outrage.  I think perhaps that the people at Time/Warner thought that they would not be able to place a photograph of the so called Prophet on the cover because as we all know, the image alone of the man known only as Muhammad drives his followers into the streets to riot and demand that non believers have their Craniums forcefully removed from the rest of their bodies. (Beheading)

Why did I chose Muhammad as my “Man of the Year” you ask.  It is quite simple…

Who else beside Bill Clinton can be responsible for so much evil, deception, murder, death and destruction but still come out smelling like a rose and an untarnished image that shines like a brand new Yugo?  The Cartoon like Prophet Muhammad has the best Public Relations people and a press secretary that is beyond reproach.

All of the major media outlets, Associated Press, Reuters and CNN despite the suicide bombings, beheadings, beatings, riots, and car burnings always seem to be able to place the blame upon Americans, Jews and Israel and the people have fallen for it hook, line and freaking sinker!

An Islamic Terrorist beheads an innocent civilian hostage…Blame George W. Bush!

A Muslim woman detonates a bomb strapped to herself and child in the middle of a busy street…Blame Israel and the Jewish People!

Thousands of Muslims burning cars and rioting in the streets completely ignoring the laws of their host lands….Blame the Catholics and the Pope!

Bill and Hillary Clinton couldn’t have even pulled that off, close, but even that would have been a stretch for America’s most scandalous Political duo outside of the Kennedy Klan.
Budweiser should dedicate one of their “Bud Lite, Real Men of Genius” to the cartoon like Prophet for his Teflon like image despite being a mass murderer, a pedophile, and Gang leader of the most destructive organization in the world.

Ted Kennedy Failed to reach the White House because Americans would not let go of the fact that while in a drunken stupor, he killed a woman and left the scene of the crime.  If Joe Kennedy only had the same Press people that Muhammad has, Senator Ted “Johnny Walker Red” Kennedy would probably have become President, and he would have been the one Schtupping the interns and sodomizing them with Scotch bottle necks and Cigars.

Muhammad, My Kippah is off to you & This Bud’s for You!  Congradulations, you kill, murder, maim, explode, but never implode. Often imitated, never duplicated….You are da Man!  Rogue Jew’s Man of The Year that is!

Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas!

7 responses to “The Rogue Jew’s Man Of The Year- Muhammad, The Cartoon Like Prophet!

  1. Dear Mr Rogue of the Jewish Persuasion. All this egregious and gratuitous rubbishing of Allah’s Right-Hand man (He kept his right hand didn’t he? It wasn’t worn out by all that dictation from the Angel Gabriel?). I like it. Keep it up.

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  3. Just want to remind you what the Good Book says:


    Some have said, “No one will enter Paradise except Jews or Christians!” Such is their wishful thinking. Say, “Show us your proof, if you are right.”

    *2:111-112 See 2:62 and 5:69.

    The Jews said, “The Christians have no basis,” while the Christians said, “The Jews have no basis.” Yet, both ofthem read the scripture. Such are the utterances of those who possess no knowledge. GOD will judge them on the Day
    of Resurrection, regarding their disputes.

    BTW, no one asks a Muslim what are the “scriptures” that these verses refer
    to. The “scriptures” that are the source of the “utterances”?

    Well, it must be the following:

    “I confirm previous scripture – the Torah – and I revoke certain prohibitions imposed upon you. I come to you with sufficient proof from your Lord. Therefore, you shall bserve GOD, and obey me.

  4. macnietspingal: I haven’t heard that name for such a long time. Are you one of the Macrahanish macnietspingals? If so do please give my loyal regards to the Laird.

  5. RJ, it seems to me you should call him the “Profit Muhammad”. He married up and used her money and the power it gave him to crush everyone and everything that opposed him. Like John F’ing Kerry tried to do.

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