Dept Of Homeland Security: TSA Halts Terror Screening In Time For The Holidays!

Just in time for the Jewish and Christian holiday travel season and just prior to the Islamic Holiday of the Hajj when all muslims are required to travel to Mecca and walk in circles around a huge stone cube.  The TSA is ceasing a program to screen for terrorist!

Secure Flight, the U.S. government’s stalled program to screen domestic air passengers against terrorism watch lists, violated federal law during a crucial test phase, according to a report to be issued today by the Homeland Security Department’s privacy office.The agency found that by gathering passenger data from commercial brokers in 2004 without notifying the passengers, the program violated a 1974 Privacy Act requirement that the public be made aware of any changes in a federal program that affects the privacy of U.S. citizens. “As ultimately implemented, the commercial data test conducted in connection with the Secure Flight program testing did not match [the Transportation Security Administration’s] public announcements,” the report states.

The finding marks the first time that the Homeland Security Department has acknowledged that the problem-plagued Secure Flight program has violated the law. It comes at a time when a separate program to screen international passengers is under attack for officials’ failure to disclose until recently that they were creating passenger profiles that would be stored for 40 years.

The report on Secure Flight says that “the disparity between what TSA proposed to do and what it actually did in the testing program resulted in significant privacy concerns being raised. . . . Privacy missteps such as these undercut an agency’s effort to implement a program effectively, even one that promises to improve security.”

Congress has halted Secure Flight, except for testing, until it can allay privacy and security concerns.

Lets not forget the policy of “Customer Service” over Security for the TSA.  Except of course if your a 85 yr old woman in a wheelchair or a pregnant mother, neither of which resembles a 18-35 yr old man or woman of Islamic Appearance such as the same people who behead, explode, murder, maim and hijack…Those people are exempt thanks to the democrats from undergoing further security measures.

More than five years after 9/11, and despite billions of dollars spent on improved security, the nation’s aviation system remains vulnerable to terrorist attack, many security experts say. One major factor is the constant struggle to balance security and speed during peak travel periods at major airports, according to TSA screeners and supervisors.
While screeners say they are not explicitly told to skirt rules, they contend the demands to keep lines short and flights on schedule causes corners to be cut and security jeopardized.
Interviews with more than a dozen current and former TSA employees — mostly from Newark Liberty — revealed startling ways the desire for speed often trumps passenger security. It all stems from TSA’s goal of limiting average peak wait times for passenger screening to under 20 minutes, most of those interviewed said.

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