White Trash With Other Peoples Money

Yes, I am referring to the Billary Clinton.

The mainstream media has been knocking First Lady Laura Bush around because she and President Bush didn’t “Alert” them when it was discovered that she had a form of skin cancer and sought to have it treated and kept it private with no press conference and no limelight.  What is the big freaking deal?

I have heard members of the press moaning and groaning about how she  educate people about skin cancer and by keeping silent, she failed the people of the United States of America.  Well if that’s the case, then former First Lady turned United States Senator, Hillary Clinton could be a spokesperson for women who have been victimized by Sexual Harassment in the work place, Rape, and Sexual Predators.

The left wing liberal media is just upset that First Lady Laura Bush has served her post with honor and dignity unlike the unlady like former First “Lady” (Term used loosely) Hillary Clinton who turned the White House into what resembled a “Motel Six” and used her power to trash and demoralize women who had been victimized by her husband.  Hillary Clinton trampled over the Civil Rights of women who were crime victims to protect her position of power.

First Lady Laura Bush has chosen to stay out of the Political Spotlight and is obviously not the attention whore that Senator Hillary Clinton was.

The Press is wrong to batter the first lady for choosing to keep her medical dilemma private, after all, I thought Liberals were the defenders of keeping private the decisions a woman makes with her body?  But that must only apply if the murder of a fetus is involved.  Anything else is open for public scrutiny I guess.

Laura Bush has returned honor and dignity to the post of First Lady after it was trashed by the Clintons who acted like “White Trash With Other Peoples Money” while they inhabited the White House often exchanging overnight stays in the White House for Campaign donations.  I don’t always agree with her husband’s decisions, but I respect both of them and the decisions they make to keep private some of the matters of their personal lives, Laura Bush after all is NOT the President, she is just merely the President’s wife and chooses to be that.

2 responses to “White Trash With Other Peoples Money

  1. I think she has every right to keep silent about her condition. Even though she is famous, it still must be very hard to go through an ordeal like that. People are selfish if they think we have a right to know every detail about her private life! Out of all of the things to criticize someone for, that is low.

  2. I agree, it was a skin cancer removed. My father had at least five skin cancers removed from his face, and it was a simple procedure.

    Laura Bush probably only said something because someone noticed it in the press. She has served the country with great dignity. And if put in a room with Hillary in a debate, there is no doubt that Laura Bush would make Hillary look like an idiot.

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