Islam, Sluts, Fake News, and War-A Review of 2006

2006 was a busy year.  The Religion of Perpetual Outrage, Islam dominated the news with riots, beheadings, and their quest for world domination.

Please, before I begin our long journey through time, if I missed something, please feel free to enter a comment.  Let’s have some fun with it!

The United States in its infinite wisdom, elected a Islamic Congressman who wishes to ignore American custom and take the oath of office with his hand upon a koran, thus swearing his loyalty to Islam and their God of War, Muhammad.

The Pope angered Muslims by using the words “jihad” and “holy war” in his lecture, the Pope quoted criticisms of the Prophet Mohammed by a 14th-century Byzantine Christian emperor, Manuel II Paleologos, in a contemporary debate with a learned Persian.

“The emperor comes to speak about the issue of jihad, holy war,” the Pope said. “He said, I quote: ‘Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”‘

Clearly aware of the sensitivity of the issue, Benedict added “I quote” twice before pronouncing the phrases on Islam and described them as “brusque”, while neither explicitly agreeing with nor repudiating them.

That did nothing to quell the violence that followed the speech by confused Muslims.

In order to prove they are a peaceful people, Muslims around the world called for the Death of the Pope, Beheaded a Orthodox Christian Priest, and rioted in the streets.

Earlier in the year, some cartoonists in Denmark (I love Danishes) drew some cartoons depicting the so called Prophet Muhammad. People rioted, issued death threats, and burned cars.

The funny part of the whole story is that the cartoons were originally published in September of 2005.  The violence and the riots began in eatly 2006.  I guess the Imams thought it was too quiet in the mosques and decided to incite their own “Peaceful” people to violence.

The followers of the Cartoon like Prophet Muhammad, who call themselves “Peaceful” and whom our own President keeps referring to Islam as the “Religion of Peace” acted out in nothing but violent and criminal behavior even in the countries that are not Islamic that have welcomed them with open arms.

The Democrats claimed victory in November by taking control of both Houses of Congress for the upcoming legislative year.

The Democrats didn’t actually win, the Republicans lost.  I know, confusing isn’t it.

Even though Democrats dominated in the Legislative Elections, America did manage to voice their Conservative cries by voting to eliminate Racial Quotas and discrimination because of race and sex.  Blacks and women opposed the elimination of the programs that have favored them over the years and made promotions and hiring decisions based on race and sex rather then who was more qualified for the job.  But they didn’t see it that way.

Gay Marriage was given the thumbs down in several states also.  Even though the nation is going to give the Dumbocrats a chance at leadership (I just peed myself laughing at that notion) Americans made it clear that it was not a victory for the Liberal Agenda.  The voters giveth, and they can taketh away!

The War against Islamic Terror continues.  Even though many thousands of them were killed this last year, including many of their upper ranks and leadership people, the Liberal Democrats still declare to the world that we are losing, and are ready to toss in the towel and surrender our nation to Islamic Domination to be brought to America courtesy of the sword and suicide bomb.

Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Miss USA, Miss Nevada, Nicole Richie, and Paris Hilton dominated the Hollyweird News with their slutty drunken behavior that was originally made famous by the Roman Empire and of course the Kennedy Klan.

Panties, no Panties, Nipples a poppin, thongs a showin.  Jeezus H Christ.  Enough already!

Liberal Showboat celebs bombed at the box office this year.  George Clooney and Sean “Spicoly” Penn who tried to rewrite history with their politically themed movies nosedived to the oblivion of going right to the discount bin at the DVD section of Walmart.

Big and boring Al “Snore” Gore tried to remake himself yet again by acting big and sexy at the MTV Video Awards bombed at the box office with his Global Warming fantasy film…..Next!

Reuters and the Associated Press made news by faking the news and photographs about the war Israel was fighting against Terrorist org. Hizbollah.  Even after being flat out busted, they still continue to side with Terrorists.

CNN reveled in the dark side by airing films of our own soldiers being shot by Islamic Terrorist Snipers.

Jimmy Carter continues to make an ass out of himself.  This time he essentially came out of the closet.  Not as a homosexual (Wouldn’t surprise me in the least) he came out as a anti-semite who really despises Jews and the Jewish State of Israel.

Iran is Nuclear.  North Korea had several failed missile tests but succeeded in their nuclear bomb tests.  Castro is on a death watch and Saddam Hussein is dead.

Wow, what a freaking year!  My head is still spinning

Happy New Year, May G-d Bless and Keep America and Israel.

One response to “Islam, Sluts, Fake News, and War-A Review of 2006

  1. I gotta say on the whole Keith Ellison thing, it really doesn’t matter what he swears on. If he swears on the Bible, it will hold no more meaning than an atheist swearing on the Bible. And when he swears on the Koran, it will be honest. After all, the Koran extols the virtues of deceipt, killing those that disagree and domination of Sharia law above the Constitution.

    His true colors are already shining through and he hasn’t even taken office.

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