True Lies- Nancy Pelosi’s First Hundred Hours

New Speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi from San Fran Freako, better watch her back, Frau Hillary Clinton might just be adding the congresswoman’s name to her hit list after Pelosi declared herself the most powerful woman in the world. That declaration just might ruffle Hitlery’s feathers a bit as she seeks her position as the first of Bill Clinton’s women to sit behind the desk in the Oval office, not under it.

Nancy Pelosi was feeling quite full of herself yesterday, BUT, she does not have ultimate power of our country.  She is not king.  President Bush, will I pray veto any tax increases or attempts to submit to the followers of the Cartoon like Prophet Muhammad.

As the agenda unfolds – in less than two weeks – during the first 100 hours of official action – they vow to pass legislation implementing the September 11 panel recommendations, increasing the minimum wage, expanding stem-cell research, allowing the government to negotiate prices for prescription drugs, cutting interest rates on student loans and ending subsidies for oil companies while expanding renewable energy exploration.

Not caring whether it’s destructive or not for America or the economy, that’s the agenda laid out under the Dark Lord’s plans for her first 100 hours.

The new Sheriff in town is already off to a bad start with her nominating the most corrupt Congressman, John Murtha as Majority Leader and having it shot down by her own peers, and giving a virtual bitch slap to fellow California Democratic Congresswoman Jane Harmon as choice for House Intelligence Committee Chairman and instead siding with Congressional Shiite Head and resident Dumb Ass Silvestre Reyes who doesn’t even know the difference between Shiite and Sunni. Congressional Intelligence Committee, now that’s the OxyMoron of the Year.

Campaigning on promises of not raising taxes, Democrats led by Pelosi have already begun to lay the ground work to empty American’s wallets of their hard earned cash.

The first Vote of the day was to make Pelosi in charge of the Congressional Cannot Understand Normal Thinking Caucus. The second vote was to make it easier for Democrats to RAISE taxes to pay for all of their government giveaways to Illegals from Mexico and every other non working lazy ass schmuck looking for a free ride on the Democrats Gravy Train!

Hang on to your wallets and your checkbooks! Pelosi and Co. are already planning on ways to relieve average working Americans of even more of their hard earned money for their own spending purposes.

Rule XXI, Section 5 (b) requires a three-fifths majority to raise
income taxes, a continuation from the House rules dating back to 1995. To
waive this key taxpayer protection rule, however, all that is needed is a
simple majority, much less than the three-fifths requirement set forth in
the rule. As such, the rule is meaningless.

Not one Democrat voted to protect American taxpayers. This includes the newly sworn-in freshman members who campaigned on a promise not to raise taxes. Also voting against this three- fifths provision were about 20 members who in the past supported a constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds super majority to raise taxes, clearly even more stringent than what was put on the floor today.

My own wallet felt lighter the very minute Nancy Pelosi swore her oath of office to screw American and Americans over. So Help Her G-d!

I found it quite ironic that Flags around the country were at half mast when the Democrats seized power of the country away from Americans and vowed to turn it over to our enemies.

Another irony over the whole swearing in of Pelosi who was surrounded by her grandchildren(why were they not aborted)  was the fact that a particular group of sickos that supports Pelosi is called NAMBLA, The North American Man/Boy Love Association which has dedicated itself to eradicating laws that protect young boys from Men who are sexual predators. Pelosi has marched in Gay Pride Parades alongside of members of NAMBLA and whose campaign has rumored to have accepted finances from the perverts who want to steal away the innocence of our children.

Mark Levin connected the dots on his radio program. NAMBLA easily found lawyers to defend them against the parents of the murdered boy — the American Civil Liberties Union. Democrats like Pelosi are demanding that every Republican return any dirty Foley contributions they received, but do you think a single one of them has ever returned a dime generated for their coffers by the ACLU or NAMBLA?

I find it also very ironic that former Ku Klux Klan leader, Senator Byrd is now third in line as successor to the President. If you think things were bad under Bush and the Republicans, your about to discover the true meaning of “SCREWED” under the new leadership.

Gun Grabbing, Tax Raising, Social Giveaway Programs, Social Security given to illegals, submission to the Islamic Terrorists:  Democrats will show Americans why it was a dangerous decision to put the inmates in control of the asylum.

One response to “True Lies- Nancy Pelosi’s First Hundred Hours

  1. pelosie will transport all her friends; in her
    air force jet ;that the tax payers are screwed into paying

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