Iran Threatens Nuclear Strike Against America While Democrats Are Still Celebrating

According to Little Green Footballs, this story was broke by the Associated (with Islamic Terrorists) Press (AP), yet oddly enough, the only place it could be found other then LGF and a handful of other blogs was on YNET.

After countless declarations of peaceful intentions of nuclear plan, Iran’s chief nuclear envoy confirms fears by saying if county is threatened, situation may change

Associated Press

Published: 01.05.07, 15:04

Iran’s chief nuclear envoy Ali Larijani said on Friday that Iran is committed to the peaceful use of nuclear technology but warned the situation could change if his country is threatened.”We oppose obtaining nuclear weapons and we will peacefully use nuclear technology under the framework of the Nonproliferation Treaty, but if we are threatened, the situation may change,” He told a news conference after two days of talks in Beijing.

First off, if Iran is not developing nuclear weapons as they say they are not, then how in Mohammad the Cartoon’s name are they going to “Nuke” us?

I’m sure Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers are getting right on this while I am quite sure that Sylvestre Reyes is Still trying to figure out the differences between Sunnis and Shiites.

Most recently, the Iranian Midget Dictator Ahamdinejad stated that Jesus and the 12th Imam would be appearing during the spring equinox, making what I think is a thinly veiled threat of when he plans to strike at the United States and Israel.

Iran’s nuclear chief said his country has produced and stored 250 tons of the gas used as the feedstock for uranium enrichment, state-run television reported Friday.

Vice President Gholamreza Aghazadeh, who is also the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, said Iran has kept the uranium hexaflouride gas, or UF-6, in underground tunnels at a nuclear facility in Isfahan to protect it from any possible attack.

“Today, we have produced more than 250 tons of UF-6. Should you visit Isfahan, you will see we have constructed tunnels that are almost unique in the world,” State-run television quoted Aghazadeh as saying.

So, just what did Ahamdinejad have to say about all this?

‘Iran will stand up to coercion’

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Friday said international sanctions won’t stop Iran from enriching uranium, vowing not to give into “Coercion,” State-run television reported.

“Iran will stand up to coercion. … All Iranians stand united to defend their nuclear rights,” State-run TV quoted Ahmadinejad as saying.

Meanwhile, back in the good ole U S of Feakin A, Nancy Pelosi was still wallowing like a pig in mud in all the hoopla of her coronation.  Dhimmicrats are still without a clue but ready to surrender at a moments notice, but not before raising taxes and stealing from the working class to give to the lazy & worthless class.

I  think this Freeper Photo speaks volumes:

This is the next line drawn in the sand by YET another Middle Eastern Religious Wing Nut who wants to rule the world.  When will we just get sick and tired of these schmucks and just push the button?  Unless we just plain kill him, Ahamadinejad is not going anywhere soon and eventually will enjoy the blanket protection of Jimmy Carter.

Imagine if Jim Jones or David Koresh had nuclear weapons, what do you think those two idiots would have done?  What boggles my mind is that Reno and Clinton were foaming at the mouth like a couple of rabid dogs in heat, just waiting to kill Koresh and his religious followers, but would have stood by idle while this whacko threatens the world with nuclear destruction.  I don’t have much faith in any of the Presidential hopefuls on either side of the aisle where this loon is concerned.  Every single polititican seems to be brainwashed into thinking that Islam really is peaceful.

4 responses to “Iran Threatens Nuclear Strike Against America While Democrats Are Still Celebrating

  1. When will we just get sick and tired of these schmucks and just push the button?
    We’re waiting to send Jimbo and Willy over to negotiate peace and denegrate the USA first. Hopefully, they’ll take that Nancy from San Freako and the other Nancy from Michigan as tour guides. That would be a good moment to push the button … I wonder how we can get that Mass.(ive) lush to join them… Offer him 72 dates?

  2. I doubt that they would use their one nuke on the US. They would probably use it on the real problem in the middle east, Israel. We weren’t afraid of the USSR, why would we fear little Iran?

    War mongering schmuck!

  3. Just because all of the Islamic countries in the Middle East hate Israel doesn’t mean it’s the “real” problem. Israel treats Muslims within its borders better than most, if not all of the Muslim countries in the M.E., yet they are painted with the label of being the “real problem in the Middle East”. Sheesh.

  4. Ostrich said We weren’t afraid of the USSR, why would we fear little Iran?

    It’s not about fear. It is about calculations. With the Soviets, the term was mutually assured distruction. With the little zealot tyrant, it’s about his desire to bring the world under his thumb, or to destroy it.

    There is a difference in getting threats from someone that has something dear to lose and getting threats from someone that thinks his losses are a gain.

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