Congressional Jihadist Keith Ellison Is Nothing More Than Cynthia McKinney With a Penis!

Did Cynthia McKinney get a sex change and a better hairdresser?
Islamic Sharia Law is already starting to get its sandal in the door with the naming of Congressional Jihadist and America’s first ever Islamic Fundementalist Congressman Keith Ellison (D-CAIR) to the House Judiciary Committee which by coincidence oversees matters such as Immigration, Civil Liberties, and the Courts.

“I look forward to pursuing a progressive agenda in the committee, including the restoration of American citizen’s civil liberties that have come under increasing attack over the past six years,” said Ellison, the first Muslim member of Congress.

Congressman Ellison is a former member of the Militant Black Muslim Organization called The Nation of Islam in which as a former Corrections Officer for the State of Michigan I had several run ins with members of Calypso Louis’ comrades some of which were extremely violent. Ellison has never publicly denied his membership to the Americanized version of Fundamentalist Islam with extremist views and a dark history of violence and bloodshed.

Ellison recently caused a stir within the Blogosphere when he announced that he would be taking his Ceremonial Oath on a Koran that was once used by Thomas Jefferson and not a Christian bible.

Personally what Ellison placed his right hand upon really didn’t make a difference to me seeing that several Liberals had already sworn an oath upon a bible only to later break, bend, fracture and obliterate the laws and oaths they swore to defend and keep. (Both Clintons, William Jefferson, John Murtha,) So an oath on a bible is only as good as the man vowing to keep it. Bill Clinton proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt during his 8 yrs as President. Broken promises, lies, and perjury were standard operating procedure in the Clinton White House.

What wasn’t revealed by the mainstream liberal media is the fact that the Koran that once belonged to founding father Thomas Jefferson was not used by him as a source of prayer and submission, but as a tool in which to learn as much as possible about a formidable enemy of the infant nation America.

During Jefferson’s times, followers of the Cartoon like Prophet Muhammad were Pirates and Slave Traders that threatened American shipping and International Trade Routes. Funny how little things have changed in over two hundred years.

All sworn in and prepared to keep his oath to the Islamic Warlord Muhammad and their g-d of war referred to as Allah, Ellison is now running to the aid of his fellow Jihadist in Iraq and calling for an American surrender.

Ellison argued that President Bush’s expected plan to send 20,000 more troops to Iraq is “way too late, way too little” to make a difference.

“So rather than do something small and ineffective, why not get about the business of what we’re going to have to do eventually, which is to begin to end the occupation?” he asked.

Bush is also expected to ask Congress for $100 billion in additional funds for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I want to see (the request) first, I want to actually look at it, but I’m not inclined to continue to support a war or an occupation that he has no plans to get us out of, and which is so costly in terms of dollars and lives of American soldiers – but also Iraqis,” Ellison said.

The White House referred to comments made by spokesman Tony Snow at his briefing Tuesday, in which he said that Democrats will have to decide where they stand on two issues: “Number one, do you want Iraq to succeed, and, if so, what does that mean? And, number two, do you believe in supporting the troops as you say, and how do you express that support?”

I must agree with Ellison though on the term “Too Little, too late”, but not for the same reasons. If we send even more troops into Iraq playing by the same Rules of Engagement as they have been with, then all we are doing is sending our men and women to die for a lost cause. A dog with no teeth cannot fight.

Ellison is ready to Cut & Run, which in most Islamic States usually means someone is about to lose their head! It would be too much to ask of course for Ellison to choose the Side of America to stand on instead of helping his Jihadi friends to kill yet even more Americans.
Racial profiling is another issue that Jihadi Ellison is taking up in defense of his Islamic Brothers who are plotting attacks against innocent American Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and of course the much hated Jews.

If we eliminate a useful tool in which to track Islamic Terrorists such as the most obvious one of Racial Profiling then we might as well just surrender like Frenchmen.

CAIR lost a powerful friend when Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia “Jihad” McKinney lost her congressional seat after attacking and assaulting a Capitol Police Officer causing her district much humiliation in which they in turn decided to once again Dismiss and Terminate the Congresswoman for her deplorable actions.

After losing their southern foothold, CAIR looked to the North and found a new male version of McKinney….Nation of Islam member, and CAIR supporter Keith Ellison.

Ellison is now a man of many hats. He’s Al Sharpton without a brain. He’s the Cartoon Like Prophet Muhammad with a legislative vote. He’s Osama bin Laden with Keys to the capitol. But above all else, the hat he wears the proudest is the fact that he will forever be known from this day forward as Cynthia McKinney with a penis!

2 responses to “Congressional Jihadist Keith Ellison Is Nothing More Than Cynthia McKinney With a Penis!

  1. Wow! Cynthia McKinney w/ A Penis… Great stuff. With the exception of the unpleasant visual that comes with it.

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