Clueless In Michigan: Gov. Jennifer Granholm Stuck On Stupid!

The Three Stooges Take On Lansing!
By G-d, she had a plan! Gov. Jennifer Granholm touted she was going to reverse the disasterous financial direction that Michigan was going in.  While other states have recovered from the post Clinton era recession, Michigan has reported the worse economic health in hte nation.  Granholm promised to change all that and was re-elected on that promise.  Over four years ago she promised we would be “Blown Away”, yet the only thing still blowing away appears to be Michigan tax payers dollars as Granholm is fast tracking a bill to raise taxes as a way to “Fatten” the spending wallet of Lansing Fat Cats.

Realizing for the first time that she might be way over her head, she steps further into deeper, darker waters by appointing two former Govs Bill Milliken and Jim Blanchard who by the way have no great track records of their own.

Granholm’s appointment of a hastily-assembled Emergency Financial Advisory Panel, chaired by former Govs. Bill Milliken and Jim Blanchard and given a mere three weeks to come up with a remedy, was widely and understandably viewed by political observers and the media as a cover for a tax increase proposal.

Granholm’s office calls the 12-member panel of Democrats (including ex-Attorney General Frank Kelley), other left-leaning folks and moderate Republicans (including ex-U.S. Rep and state Sen. Joe Schwarz of Battle Creek and ex-Senate Majority Leader Dan DeGrow of Port Huron) “a diverse group with diverse opinions.”

Are you seeing a pattern here?  Not one Republican.  Not one fiscal conservative on her “Emergency” Panel.

If you examine Milliken and Blanchard, you find two very liberal spenders who both left Michigan in financial and crime ridden woe upon their exits from office when their terms ended.

Granholm is planning on raising taxes, which last time I checked means she will be digging deeper in my already empty wallets but has not cut any spending out of the budget.  

Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has cut spending, enforced pay freezes, and reduced the number of government jobs.

He’s reducing taxes for homeowners, not just new would-be residents. He’s cut the work force from roughly 20,000 five years ago to 14,000 today. He’s renegotiated contracts with 31 bargaining units — not including police and fire — with deals that include pay cuts and cost-sharing on health care.

With the OK of City Council, he’s conveyed assets like the Detroit Zoo, the Detroit Historical Museum and Eastern Market to nonprofit groups. The assets remain in the city, but the financial responsibility shifts to those who want to use them. And he’s pushing residential home building and commercial redevelopment at a pace this city hasn’t seen in decades.

As amazing as it seems, Kwame who I am no huge fan of has taken a bold direction for a Michigan Democrat to take, one should wonder if the 3 Gubernatorial Stooges, Granholm, Blanchard and Milliken will take notice of this odd but fiscally responsible behavior from thier Liberal Counterpart in Detroit.

In a booming national economy, in 2007 Michigan’s unemployment rate is expected to rise. Economists say we could go from a rate of 6.7 percent in 2006 up to 7.3 percent in 2008.

Democrats in Washington voted to raise the Minimum wage which will further burden the already troubled small businessman in Michigan  who will have to lay off workers rather then hire more at higher costs to them, and will force them to raise the costs of goods and services in order to keep the help they do have which will further empty our already dwindling cash supplies from our own pockets. 

By re-electing Granholm, I believe that Michigan residents shafted themselves instead of giving a Political Outsider (Dick DeVos) a shot.  Granholm already had pissed away her first four years as our incapable “Leader” with “blown away” promises and a whole lot of smoke blown up our butts.  Can’t wait to see how this one pans out.

6 responses to “Clueless In Michigan: Gov. Jennifer Granholm Stuck On Stupid!

  1. She can’t be a real woman. Real women are better at everything, they claim. Where’s her multi-tasking, her superior management, communication etc? It isn’t just that she is relying on an all-Democrat team, but the reliance on MEN!! Two men. Shirley, one other woman could have done the job of the two men. Couldn’t she find a woman who’d step up? Gadzooks. What a waste of money.

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  3. Great post RJ. As a fellow Michigander, I know of what you speak… unfortunately.

    One need look no further for “stupid” than back when Granholm was asking everybody to sign a petition on the state’s website to get gasoline prices down and hit the “obsence” profits of oil companies.

    Oh, she forgot to mention that the state of Michigan pension system held 12.8 million shares of Exxon-Mobil worth $832 million.

    In essence, Granholm was convincing state workers to sign on to demand a devaluation their own pensions. Funny. Yep, “stuck on stupid” doesn’t even come close to it!

  4. Say it ain’t sew, jew.

    Cox alone should be balancing the budget on the backs of those desperado deadbeats.

    Then again, maybe these programs cost more than they bring in.

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