Dept of Homeland Stupidity: Security Director Resigns & A New Tool For Government Whistle Blowers.

It’s bad enough that the Dept of Homeland Stupidity has submitted to the whims of Islamic Terrorism and allows 80 yr old women and men to be molested while middle eastern males that match the exact profile of the 19 Islamic men who murdered over 3000 American citizens on Sept. 11th are allowed to come and go freely unmolested throughout our nations airports.  Now, those direct the smoke and mirror snake oil show that has been sold to us as “Airport Security” are giving away store.

NEWARK: A top security official in charge of screening at Newark Liberty International Airport has resigned, less than a week after a published report alleging that some questions on a test for prospective employees were leaked in advance.

Ann Davis, a spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration, confirmed that assistant security director Gerard A. Grandinetti resigned Friday for personal reasons but did not elaborate, citing TSA policy.

The Star-Ledger of Newark, quoting an unnamed TSA official, reported last week that some of the questions on an exam for several vacant screener-manager jobs were given to some applicants ahead of time.

After the newspaper read some of the leaked questions to director of security Mark Hatfield Jr., Hatfield canceled the test and initiated an internal investigation.

Grandinetti oversaw checkpoint and bomb-detection machine screening and also helped coordinate TSA’s hiring, promotion and training initiatives.

He was the third highest-ranking TSA official at Newark behind Hatfield and acting deputy federal security director Barbara Powell.

When I worked for the TSA, I found most of the time that they were looking for candidates who will follow orders blindly, without so much as a question and must have a total lack of leadership skills and an IQ of a single cell organism.  A criminal background can help one advance within the Dept. of Homeland Security also.

I would like to bring to the attention of my former co-workers that toil day in and day out unable to go to the proper authorities and disclose the corruption and incompetence that they are forced to endure daily because they have no where to turn to for fear of being fired as is the case with most TSA Screeners who report the dubious activities of their management and supervisors. 

A new web site is on the way that allows “Whistle Blowers” to remain anonymous and unknown.

THE internet could become even more difficult for governments to regulate with a new website, Wikileaks, promising to provide a safe haven for whistleblowers to upload confidential documents.

Australians are among the volunteers behind the site. “Your country’s support for the underdog and for a fair go is showing through,” a spokeswoman said.

Comparing themselves with the leaker of the Pentagon papers that damaged the Nixon administration and eroded US public confidence in the Vietnam War, Wikileaks’ creators say they will uncover unethical behaviour by developing “an uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis”.

Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia built around content created by tens of thousands of contributors. It says its sophisticated cryptographic technology ensures users cannot be traced.

A “wiki” system is seen as a more effective method of leaking than simply publishing an article in the press or on a traditional website, because it allows for collaboration on a global scale.

Although the website says its primary interests are oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet Bloc, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, whistleblowing experts say it could have strong applications in Australia.

I don’t recomend revealing documents that are vital to our nations security, we can leave that kind of dirt bag behavior to the New York Times, Associated Press, and of course those who manage the Transportation Security Administration and its mother ship, the Dept. of Homeland Stupidity, but perhaps this will help bring out into the spot light the true level of corruption and incompetence that inhabits the mid and upper levels of the TSA and DHS.

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