Sunni Or Later The Shiite Is Going To Hit The Fan!

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il who will long be remembered for last years 4th of July launching of his Tapo Dong II missiles over the Sea of Japan in which as I wrote back in july: “Kim Jong Il’s Dong Goes Limp Because of Projectile Dysfunction & Premature Detonation”. Now it turns out that the midget master of far eastern mayhem who put the DICK back in DICTATOR is now lending a hand to the Iranian version of Jim Jones, Mahmoud Ahamdinejad.

North Korea is helping Iran to prepare an underground nuclear test similar to the one Pyongyang carried out last year.

Under the terms of a new understanding between the two countries, the North Koreans have agreed to share all the data and information they received from their successful test last October with Teheran’s nuclear scientists.

There were unconfirmed reports at the time of the Korean firing that an Iranian team was present. Iranian military advisers regularly visit North Korea to participate in missile tests.

Now the long-standing military co-operation between the countries has been extended to nuclear issues.

All this while the Congress, Senate and the President bicker over troop increases in Iraq, the Democratic controlled Senate and Congress of course would like to throw up the white flag like a bunch of Frenchman and run away in defeat.

Iranian President Ahamdinejad had this to say about America and Israel on a recent trip to Syria:

“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad… assured that the United States and the Zionist regime of Israel will soon come to the end of their lives,” the Iranian president was quoted as saying.

“Sparking discord among Muslims, especially between the Shiites and Sunnis, is a plot hatched by the Zionists and the US for dominating regional nations and looting their resources,” Ahmadinejad added, according to the report.

Meantime while these lunatics are plotting and planning Global Nuclear Jihad, we here in the United States are more concerned whether or not Al Gore will win an OSCAR for his Docufakery about Global Warming.

On a brighter side of the Nuclear coin, most Arab nations in the Gulf region view Iran as a threat and would likely back an American Attack on Iran to prevent nuclear war in the middle east while the Iranians are counting on the Democrats to defend them aganinst an attack. I honestly could picture Jimmy Carter, Keith Ellison and Nancy Pelosi dressed in Iranian Military clothes and marching with the “elite” Iranian Revolutionary Guard calling for “Death to America and Israel”.

Back here in the good ole U S of A and the long awaited State of the Union Address…..

While having a tantrum on CNN about the President’s Speech, Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) had this to offer the American people:

President Bush and his advisers “don’t have a plan” nor an “overarching strategy” to fix the problems in Iraq, said Sen. Jim Webb, the newly elected Virginia Democrat who will deliver his party’s official response Tuesday to the president’s State of the Union address.

It’s not that the President doesn’t have a plan, he’s had several plans that have constant road blocks thrown up by the leading Democrats for American Defeat in Iraq every single time he turns around. John Kerry never had a plan, he said he did but we never heard what it was. We had to buy the book to find out that it was a blank page smeared with Heinz Ketchup.

Personally, I don’t know who to worry more about. FOX News says Hezbollah is the biggest threat in the United States. Jimmy Carter has assured me that Hamas is surely not a threat, Al Qaeda is getting their asses wrapped in bacon by our mighty Military men and women, but then we have the Democratic Party. If ever in the American history we had a group of people so willing to sacrifice the truth, justice, and the American way of life so that innocent babies can be murdered, legalized pot smoking and the normalization of homosexuality and pedophillia and turn their backs on Freedom and Liberty throughout the world.

I personally feel that Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic Party are more of a Terrorist Threat to America then perhaps Islamic Fundamentalists. Perhaps they have even teamed up much like Jimmy Carter and Arab Supporters of Terrorism and Holocaust Deniers.

Either way you spell it out, innocent Americans and Israelis will be the ones screwed when the Shiite Hits The Fan.

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