Dept of Homeland Stupidity: TSA Supervisor Proves Crime Pays!

My sincere apologies for my absence from my duties at The Rogue Jew as of late.  My computer crashed a couple of weeks ago and we waited for the release of Microsoft’s Windows Vista to buy a new computer.

Anwyays, on to the serious business of trashing the Transportation Security Administration and its criminal use of taxpayer money.

It has recently come to my attention from my contacts at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan that a TSA Supervisor was issued a Government Credit Card and was told to prepare for possible mobilization to the disaster area for clean up duties.  Anyways, time passed by and noone from Grand Rapids was sent to the huricane damaged areas but, that did not stop our friend the Supervisor from putting that card to use.

The Government Credit Card had a $10,000 limit on it.  He maxed it out on personal purchases.  In the meantime, those who manage the Transportation Security Adm. in Grand Rapids saw fit to discipline the shopaholic supervisor.  Their idea of discipline was demoting the Supervisor, WITH FREAKING PAY! 

I spoke to several high ranking managers in the Private Sector and asked them what they would do if one of their employees used a company credit card and maxed it out on personal purchases.  Everyone answered the same…They would terminate the employee for THEFT.  They were all shocked beyond belief when I told them that the Government only reduces rank with pay for selected members of their Supervisory staff.

This TSA Supervisor stole $10,000 from the Taxpayers of the United States of America and gets to keep his job and his excessively high pay.  The TSA proves that crime does pay, but only if you are a Supervisor or above.

Another TSA Supervisor about a year ago was demoted in rank to a Screener when it was discovered that she was adding overtime hours on her time card that she was not actually working.  They let her keep her pay, but she resigned rather then have to work in the pits with the Screeners that she once used and abused as a slave driving Stupidvisor.

Yet another TSA supervisor has used physical abuse on a female Screener.  He was protected by the higher powers while the Screener was chased out and denied Unemployment.

America, wake the hell up!  Your being screwed without so much as a kiss or a thank you.  The TSA molests elderly and pregnant passengers while ignoring the real threat from Radical Islam.  It’s not bad eneough we pay for it every April 15th, but now those in charge are helping themselves to our tax dollars for their own pleasures.

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