Are Clinton Death Squads Working For The Kremlin?

One thing I remember best about the Clintons besides the Oral Office Antics of the Commander in Thief was his admiration for the Soviet Union during his college days. History would remind us that the Soviet way of dealing with opposition was to ELIMINATE IT.

Opponents of Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin are dying off faster then friends of the Clintons who knew too much or enough to damage the already tarnished image of the most politically corrupt family since the Kennedy Klan.

Paul Joyal, shot in Adelphi, Maryland, on Saturday, is a friend of Alexander Litvinenko, the former Russian spy poisoned with polonium in London last year.

And in Moscow, Ivan Safronov, 51, was an ex-colonel and journalist for Kommersant who had irritated the Russian FSB security service with his frequent exposes.

He was reported dead yesterday after apparently falling from a fourth floor window of his apartment block on Friday.

We should take a much closer look at our so called friends, the Russians. I think that former KGB thug Putin is trying to breath life back into the Russian Bear that was once a nuclear threat to the United States. Although Late Great President Ronald Reagan with his tough policies against the Soviet Union, managed to drive the Communists into bankruptcy in an arms race that financially toppled the Soviet Union.

Most recently, a reporter who was investigating Arms Sales by the Soviets to the Islamic Terror Nation Iran, fell to his death.

March 6 (Bloomberg) — Russian reporter Ivan Safronov was investigating state plans to sell advanced weapons to Iran and Syria when he fell to his death from a window in his Moscow apartment building March 2, his newspaper Kommersant said. Safronov, a 51-year-old former colonel in the military, met with unidentified people at an international arms show in the United Arab Emirates last month and confirmed Russian plans to sell fighter jets and missile systems via neighboring Belarus to avoid being accused by the U.S. of arming rogue nations, Kommersant editors said in today’s edition.

Kommersant’s deputy editor, Ilya Bulavinov, said Safronov was unable to write the story when he returned to Moscow Feb. 24 because of severe stomach pain. On Feb. 27, he attended a news conference by the head of the Federal Service of Military and Technical Cooperation, Mikhail Dmitriev, who announced that Russian arms exports in 2006 rose to a record $6.5 billion.

Putin is busy building relationships with nations and groups that are hostile to the United States, Israel, and Western European Democracies. Hamas, Hizbollah, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and rebuilding alliances with Communist China. Since when does someone who calls themselves “Friend” go out of their way to make nice with all of the bullies on the block who would like to whoop the crap out of us?

New reports of Putin’s political opponents dropping dead brings back fond memories of a former US President and his politically ambitious wife who left a trail of dead bodies in the wake of their reign of terror that lasted for 8 yrs and could be possibly revived if Frau Hitlery Clinton, G-d forbid ever becomes President.

2008 marks a very politically active year for Communists. In Russia, Putin faces re-election in 08 and here in the United States we have 2 highly popular Undercover Socialists who are trying to grasp the orb of power in Washington, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, both Liberal Democrat Senators.

For those not familiar with the Clinton Dead Pool, you should click HERE to educate yourself about the evil that lurks about in Washington and New York.

Is it a coincedence how the Soviets and the Clintons deal with opposition? Just a little something to stir the pot in the minds of the voters.

Hey, that’s it for now in our little nostalgic walk down memory lane.  Don’t forget to check out my virtual run for President of the United States.  My platform is interesting and one could only wish that at least one of the idiots making a actual run for the office would consider what real Americans like myself really want out of our leaders.

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2 responses to “Are Clinton Death Squads Working For The Kremlin?

  1. Rogue,

    They did not stop being a nuclear threat. They still have quite a sufficient number of missiles.

    “Since when does someone who calls themselves “Friend” go out of their way to make nice with all of the bullies on the block who would like to whoop the crap out of us?”

    Uh…Since Stalin did it two times before?

    This is not an old game Rogue.

    Rogue Rogue Rogue, There are only two parties here thus all Front Runners for President are closet Socialists, for we only have the Liberal Socialist PArty and the Conservative Socialist Party. It is kind of like haging high test and regular.

    No coincidences here, it is all part of the big scheme.

    Check out Ron Paul, he might be close to what you seek.

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