Blogger Death Match: Good vs Evil

 I thought we would have a little fun today.  I found an interesting web site called Ranking.Com that calculates the online popularity of the most visited websites and provides these results free.  So I decided to do some investigating just to see where some of the most popular sites in both the Conservative and Liberal World rank against each other in a “BLOGGER DEATH MATCH”.  The results are interesting to say the least.

Death Match 1. The Drudge Report VS The Huffington Post:  Matt Drudge had a web ranking of 315 and a trust gauge of 6 (high).  Over 666,789 web sites link to the DrudgeReport. 

The Huffington Post had a web ranking of 4282 and a trust gauge of 3 (low) but did have over 779,848 web sites linking to The Huffington Post.

The Win goes to Matt Drudge.   Even with over 779848 web sites linking to them, The Huff and Puff Post with their “Kill Cheney” fantasies could’nt even gather a puff to blow Matt’s door down!

Death Match 2. News Max VS The Daily Kos:  News Max had a web ranking of 1657 and a trust gauge of 5 (high) with over 223432 web sites that link to it.

The Daily Kos with their anti-Israel/Nazi comments had a web ranking of 12098 and a trust gauge of 3 (low/med)  and had over 193871 web sites linking to them.

Once good triumphs over evil in this grueling duel!   NewsMax.Com delivers a solid knockout punch to the kos kids and dotting both eyes!

Death Match 3. This one is the Bloggers Death match in a cage with no disqualifications and no time limit.  Ann Coulter VS Michael Moore

Ann Coulter has a web ranking of 11840 with a trust gauge of 3 (low/med) with over 278024 people linking to her web site.

Michael Moore ranks on the web, 49568 with a trust level of 3 with only 174819 people linking to his site.

Although Ann comes nowhere near Matt Drudges traffic, she still manages to deliver a disabling groin shot to Michael Moore and scores a solid win!

Despite Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton thinking that the people are leaning more toward the Dark Side (Liberalism) it would seem that when it comes to the World Wide Web, most people go to and trust Conservative web sites to get their information from.  On the Dark Side of the Web, Liberals look more for Forums to spew hate against Israel, Christians, Jews, and Conservatives.

It’s a cool site.  Check it out…..

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