Spring Break Blizzard- Whatever Happend To Global Warming?

Yes I’m Back!  I had a nice vacation and learned first hand that Al Gore and his “Global Warming” Schmucks are so full of crap their eyes should be brown!

My lovely wife who is from New York has never been to the Upper most reaches of Michigan and after all of the hard work she had done preparing for our Passover Seder in our home, I thought she deserved some time away from home and we decided to venture northward.

Our first night was to be spent in Traverse City on beautiful Grand Traverse Bay.  We were well aware that it was going to snow a little, but noone on the weather had said anything about a Winter Storm Warning and Lake Effect Snow advisory!  It’s April, and although I have seen many a snow storm in April and have even experienced a frost in June living in the Great Lake State of Michigan, but according to Al Gore, those days were long gone, right?  Right!?!

We ended up with over 18 inches of Snow.  Although we did stay in a nice hotel and at dinner at a wonderful steak house, it still freaking snowed alot.  Parts of the U.P. got over 38 inches of snow!

I can honestly say that I never fell for Chicken Little Al Gore’s Sky is falling schtick but after most of the country experienced record low temps and snowfall in the spring month of April, how can you not be convinced that he’s full of crap?

Is it a coincidence that everytime a meeting was scheduled to talk about Global Warming, there would be a Blizzard, Ice Storm, or Record Low Temps?  I personally think that Hashem (G-d) is telling us through his own little way of communicating that Global Warming and Cooling is not created by man, that it is ultimately G-d that make these decisions over the climate and the world that he created and the world that ultimately Hashem controls, not Al Gore.

I hope all of my Jewish friends had a happy and kosher Pesach, and my Christian friends a happy and joyful Easter. 

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