Governor Jennifer Granholm Steals From Vets

While Michigan Democratic legislators have a desire to give every school age child an IPod,  Governor Jennifer Granholm, a liberal Democrat has taken it upon herself to place a hold on privately donated funds used for Michigan Vets that provide entertainment and other recreational activities for our aging and disabled military Vets who have given life and limb for our great nation.

From The Grand Rapids Press:

An executive order was issued by Gov. Jennifer Granholm that restricted funds at the home only be used for “essential” items.

They come from a $1 million fund used for items not covered by the home’s overall budget. They include eyeglasses, dentures, medical supplies, trips the doctor, as well as entertainment of residents.

Although the fund comes from private donations, including those made on state income tax forms, the state historically has had broad oversight over how the money is used.

“If they cut these activities out, why am I here? It’s what makes me feel like I am part of the real world,” said John Palmer, a 63-year-old Air Force veteran who depends on a wheelchair because of multiple sclerosis.

Palmer said residents learned last week everything from doughnuts on Saturday to a trip to Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park for its butterfly exhibit have been axed.

Resident Randy Fortune, 58, said the announcement cast a sense of gloom among the home’s 720 residents.

“We have no light at the end of the tunnel. We have nothing to look forward to. Everybody is upset.”

Recently, it was discovered that the two Democratic Lawmakers in Michigan who were trying to buy IPods for school children were flown to California courtesy of Apple.  What was probably the dumbest idea in the History of Michigan Politics since electing Granholm to office would have cost taxpayers over $36 million dollars.

In addition to freezing the Privately Donated Funds, the Home for Veterans in Grand Rapids is facing a budget cut of $185,000 from its General Fund.

One House Democrat had the moral sense to question the Governors authority on this issue:

State Rep. Michael Sak, D-Grand Rapids, questioned the state’s right to determine how privately raised funds are used.

“If these monies are privately raised, we should have no say in directing where those dollars go, if they are valid programs and services.” State Rep. Judy Emmons, R-Sheridan, a member of the Military and Veterans Committee, agreed.

“I’m really pissed off,” said veteran Harold Ott, called Spike by his friends. “You wouldn’t believe how bad I’m pissed off.”

Ott, a Marine, speaks for many in the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, angry the state forced administrators to curb spending for special activities and items for veterans.

“They can give up their free lunches, and their free cars and their free gas in Lansing,” said volunteer Donald Kramer. “Put that money back in the veterans homes where it belongs. If it wasn’t’ for you veterans, Lansing wouldn’t be here and them people wouldn’t have a job.”

Most recently, Democratic Lawmakers in Washington made a huge deal out of the poor conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and used it to score political points against the President and house Republicans, and now in Michigan, Democrats eager to balance the budget in a state that Jobs are flying out of and a Governor who has done nothing to help the state’s job woes are willing to steal from veterans who served their country to pay for some crack head’s welfare and illegitimate kids. 

Get hooked on crack, have babies from unprotected sex and the state will take care of you for life.  Serve your country and give your life for freedom and liberty around the world, and the Democrats will forget about you unless it’s election time.  Unfulfilled promises and rhetoric is all the Libs have to offer our nations Vets.

4 responses to “Governor Jennifer Granholm Steals From Vets

  1. Democrat compassion at it’s best. If a Dem takes the White House in 2008 we are in for hell of a rough ride….

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