The Al Qaeda Most Valuable Player Award Goes Too….

The Al Qaeda Most Valuable Player Award Goes Too….Every single politician in Washington, Democrat and Republican who voted to grant amnesty to over 12 million criminals who have entered the United States illegally.  Never am I more nervous, as I am when Democrats and Republicans agree on something.  This is one of those times!

The September 11th, 2001 Islamic Terror Attacks on America were orchestrated by people who were in the country illegally!  Now we’re making it easier for bin Laden and everyother anti-American putz who wants destroy America!  Amnesty for illegals…Terrorist win, America loses….Big Time!

Granting amnesty is nothing more then rewarding bad behavior.  Something most Democrats like Senator Ted Kennedy are quite accustomed too, but as a former Law Enforcement Officer, I am not!

The United States Senate have given a group of criminals benefits like Free Education, Free Health Care, and Free Back Tax Evasion.  These are the most offensive and self destructive gestures I have ever seen happen in our nation.  What’s next, the ability to burn thousands of cars with no criminal penalty? 

I can guarantee you this much.  A majority of Americans are against making it easier for Illegal Aliens to become United States Citizens.  Most of these schmucks in Washington who votes for this Amnesty Bill, will be terminated upon their next campaign for re-election.

Senator John McCain is finished!  He has single handedly squashed his campaign for President in 2008.  ( I never liked him anyway)  I predict that he will not get the Republican nomination and his constituents in the state of Arizona will see to it that he is terminated from his position as United States Senator with extreme predjudice!

If you want to stem the flood of illegals from Central and South America we need to take away from them the reason they are coming here for in the first place!

Islamic Terrorists, are staging themselves for entry into the United States at our southern borders.  They are similar in appearance to the latin American Squatters and blend in nicely. 

Radio Talk Show Host, Michael Savage had this to say on his blog:

 Savage: Stop the ‘I Bomb’ on America
Calling the new comprehensive immigration reform bill the “I Bomb,” top talk-show host Michael Savage vowed to “derail this train of treason.”

Said Savage in an e-mail our “Culture [is] being destroyed by greed, greed, greed.”

“Bush is the chief culprit. He’s wanted this from day one. In fact, we played a sound bite yesterday of him gleefully looking forward to the Democrat-controlled New Congress last Fall! At last he could push through his ultra-internationalist agenda.”

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the chief proponent of the bill also “is now finished,” he added.

“Romney is the new front-runner and will beat Hillary if he maintains his conservative positions, especially on immigration.

“I instructed my listeners to bombard Congress with millions of e-mails saying, ‘No Amnesty . . . We’ll Vote You Out.’ I reminded them [that] we stopped the Dubai Ports Deal and we have the voting power to stop Bush from dropping the I Bomb on America.

“As of today, I think we are going to derail this train of treason. The I Bomb will be defused.”

This is the kind of crap I expect from Liberal Democrats, but not from Republicans.  Both parties have turned their backs on American Citizens.  Without Borders, Language, and Culture, our nation just maybe be history thanks to the greed of both Democrats and Republicans.  I have supported President Bush many times in the past, and he thanks me, an American Citizen with this message:

GOP message to America

The GOP and the Libs have done a great dis-service to American Citizens, and have done everything to aid and assist those who wish to destroy America and our way of life.  May they all find themselves inside of Dante’s inner most circle of hell which is reserved for those who betray trust.

Dante's 9th Circle of Hell!

One response to “The Al Qaeda Most Valuable Player Award Goes Too….

  1. El Presidente Bush doesn’t care what anyone thinks about his sellout of America. Just think about it. This amnesty would provide the Democratic Party with enough votes to turn this country into a one party political system, lurching the Democrats so far left that the government would be firmly under the control of socialists. That’s what we are facing if we allow them to pass this bill.

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