All Gave Some….Some Gave All- A Tribute To The Troops and My Son

 From The Rogue Jew To Our Men & Women In Uniform Past, Present, and Future.  G-d Bless You and Thank You From The Bottom of My Heart! 

God Bless our Troops

My oldest son joined the United States Army and will be leaving for Basic Training in August.  For him, I have this special prayer…..

My Dearest Son Adam, 

You may be going off to a war to protect our country and to protect the country of others. You are fighting for our freedom and so that other’s may be free. You are sacrificing for our lives and for the lives of men that have gone before you to do the same. You may be living  in the hell of Islamic Terror and the Jihadists who think they are better then us. I pray that G-d has mercy on you and returns you back to us the way we sent you. I pray that you  see the goodness in what you may be going to war for. I pray that you show the people out there that your G-d is a fair and just G-d and he will always protect you as you protect them.  Keep your head up and walk with pride because you are “An American Soldier”!!

Love you always, your Father….Chris (Ze’ev)

Support Our Troops

CLICK HERE for Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue” Video

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