Moore Lies- Michael Moore Once Again Distorts Truth For Profit

The same man who despises Capitolism and America sure doesn’t mind making a profit off the American people by distorting the truth about our great Healthcare system and glorifying Fidel Castro’s horrific model for Hillary Clinton’s system of Socialized Healthcare.

Ask any Cuban who has recently left the island (because they can’t talk freely about this inside of Cuba) about their health care system and they will tell you that it is often a challenge just to get aspirin and they often have to get it on the black market. The run-down, dilapidated and unsanitary conditions in the facilities that the average Cuban must go to for care are a far cry from the hospitals and clinics reserved for high-ranking members of the communist party or the military. There are actually special facilities in Cuba that serve foreigners who can pay in foreign currency.

If the lauded Cuban healthcare system is so wonderful, perhaps someone can explain to me the following:

* Why some patients are taken to the hospital in wheelbarrows instead of ambulances?
* Why patients must bring their own linens for the hospital bed and often, a fan, to combat the stifling heat and lack of air-conditioning?
* Why cockroaches and other vermin are present in what is supposed to be “sanitary” health facilities? Why many common medicines are not available? If Cuba can export cutting-edge biotechnological products to other countries, surely the US embargo cannot be blamed for not allowing medicine to enter Cuba.
* Why, in a 185-bed cancer center in Santiago where some 6,000 people are treated MONTHLY, there is a shortage of basics such as codeine, anti-nausea drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, antacids, laxatives, high blood pressure medicine, antihistamines, anti-depressants, contraceptives, vitamins and minerals? This particular hospital, sadly, is the norm, not the exception
* Why 41% of patients in Cuban hospitals are undernourished, particularly after surgery. Malnutrition risks increase with extended stays in the hospital, according to the U.S. National Institute of Health.

Was any of this mentioned in “Sicko?” Of course not! The reason why is one to which I alluded earlier– Michael Moore is so anti-American, despite the fact that he makes millions off of the American people every time he makes a film, that he will do anything he can to exaggerate and distort the truth to make the Bush Administration look incompetent, evil and silly.

Well, Michael, I hate to tell you but the American people are on to you.

Now our system may not be perfect but it’s still one of the best in the world.  Yes it’s true, they’re some long waits in some Emergency Rooms, but here in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave,  your catagorized not by your Party Membership status or Military Rank but according to the severity of your illness or injuries.

I must say, I was quite surprised by the criticism of Moore by none other then MTV’s Kurt Loder:

Fidel Castro’s island dictatorship, now in its 40th year of being listed as a human-rights violator by Amnesty International, is here depicted as a balmy paradise not unlike the Iraq of Saddam Hussein that Moore showed us in his earlier film, “Fahrenheit 9/11.” He and his charges make their way — their pre-arranged way, if it need be said — to a state-of-the-art hospital where they receive a picturesquely warm welcome. In a voiceover, Moore, shown beaming at his little band of visitors, says he told the Cuban doctors to “give them the same care they’d give Cuban citizens.” Then he adds, dramatically: “And they did.”

If Moore really believes this, he may be a greater fool than even his most feverish detractors claim him to be. Nevertheless, medical care is provided to the visiting Americans, and it is indeed excellent. Cuba is in fact the site of some world-class medical facilities (surprising in a country that, as Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar noted in the Los Angeles Times last month, “imprisoned a doctor in the late 1990s for speaking out against government failure to respond to an epidemic of a mosquito-borne virus”). What Moore doesn’t mention is the flourishing Cuban industry of “health tourism” — a system in which foreigners (including self-admitted multimillionaire film directors and, of course, government bigwigs) who are willing to pay cash for anything from brain-surgery to dental work can purchase a level of treatment that’s unavailable to the majority of Cubans with no hard currency at their disposal. The Cuban American National Foundation (admittedly a group with no love for the Castro regime) calls this “medical apartheid.” And in a 2004 article in Canada’s National Post, writer Isabel Vincent quoted a dissident Cuban neurosurgeon, Doctor Hilda Molina, as saying, “Cubans should be treated the same as foreigners. Cubans have less rights in their own country than foreigners who visit here.”

As the Caribbean sun sank down on Moore’s breathtakingly meretricious movie, I couldn’t help recalling that when Fidel Castro became gravely ill last year, he didn’t put himself in the hands of a Cuban surgeon. No. Instead, he had a specialist flown in — from Spain.

Now, if your looking for a GREAT movie to see on this weekend leading up to the Birthday of Liberty, the Fourth of July, then head out to see Lt. John McClane(Bruce Willis) in the action packed “Guy Film of The Year”……..LIVE FREE or DIE HARD!

Lots of shooting and things getting blown up!  Everything a growing 42 yr old guy STILL loves to see in a movie!

It’s been nearly 20 years since Bruce Willis appeared as John McClane in the original Die Hard, and 12 years since the third installment, Die Hard With a Vengeance, in which he saved New York from Jeremy Irons. In the first chapter of the franchise since 9/11—hell, the first chapter since Clinton’s first term in office—the stakes are considerably higher. The requisite evildoer, computer genius Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) wants to shut down the entire country’s telecommunications, utilities, and financial infrastructure in a three-part digital attack known as a “fire sale” (because “everything must go”). Gabriel’s motives—do you really need to know? There’s anti-government paranoia involved (Lenin is quoted at one point) and of course billions of dollars to be moved into Gabriel’s bank account from, well, everyone else’s, but essentially, the guy is just an asshole. To make sure his scheme is bug-proof, Gabriel hires a bunch of freelance hackers—basically, nerds in basements—and once they’ve served his purpose, picks them off with extreme prejudice.

On a routine errand to pick up one of the suspected hackers, a New Jersey kid named Matt Farrell (Justin Long), McClane finds the boy, and himself, targeted by a pair of French assassins who appear to be practitioners of parkour. Thus begins a jolly chase in which McClane and Matt, pursued by international villains, airborne cars, and at one point, a Harrier jet, make their way toward the top-secret NSA facility that’s become Gabriel’s command center.

I went to see the movie with my good friend Tim.  We both loved it.  We walked out of the theatre feeling like men…Burping, Farting, Scratching ourselves and shouting those immortal words.  “Yippee-Ki-Yay Mother F*cker”.  It was a true testoserone moment to remember!

porky Muhammad


One response to “Moore Lies- Michael Moore Once Again Distorts Truth For Profit

  1. Does Mr. Moore mention in his movie that Castro had to go to SPAIN to get treatment for his illness?
    The internet makes it possible for anyone who can read to do research on Cuban, Canadian and
    British Health services and facilities. The people who go to see ‘sicko’ don’t want facts to get in the
    way of their hatred for President Bush – they try to make America look bad because they think, somehow, that it will hurt him.
    America will survive all that’s thrown at them – the Jihadists, the Left, the Democrats and even thinly
    disguised hate films like ‘sicko’.
    Where will Mr. Moore go to get his bypass surgery?

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