Did Senator Hillary Clinton Break and Enter Into Barack Hussein Obama Campaign HQ? I Think So And I Will Tell You Why!

If I was a gambler, my money would be on Hillary Clinton being the guilty party in this one and I am seriously wondering if Sandy “The Burglar” Berger may have been spotted lurking around Davenport, Iowa.  After all, he was convicted and disbarred for STEALING important Security documents from the National Archive to protect and cover up for the Clinton’s appalling approach to national security and their irresponsible defence of Americans from Islamic Terrorism during the 1990’s.

 DAVENPORT, Iowa The Davenport, Iowa, campaign headquarters for presidential candidate Barack Obama was burglarized Friday evening.

Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor says two laptop computers and some campaign literature were taken. A campaign worker discovered the burglary this morning, and a report was filed with Davenport police.

At this stage of the long and drawn out 2008 Presidential Campaign, logic and common sense should tell anyone that Liberal Democratic Senator from Illinois, Barack Hussein Obama is more of a threat to the Clinton campaign then to any one of the Republican candidates for President especially where Fund Raising is considered.  Hillary is getting her ass kicked by the young inexperienced Senator Obama.

At year’s end, the smart money bet that Obama couldn’t raise any. When Sen. Clinton gazed at her junior colleague from Illinois it was with the look Mike Tyson gave Leon Spinks before demolishing him in the first round. She was after all the greenbacks juggernaut of the Democratic Party, and Obama was to be jettisoned as a nuisance, along with her maiden name.

Then the first-quarter earnings arrived. Clinton found herself in a fund fight.

The Obama jab was followed by a hook the second quarter when again he out-pointed the former first lady $32.5 million to $27 million. Unable to put away Obama, Clinton has taken to undercutting his support by nailing down wavering party hacks, white and black. Hedging her bets, she has dropped Rodham from her campaign Web site, leaving only her married name, and pressed husband Bill to direct his outrageous popularity toward thrusting her campaign engines.

The devil of the numbers is in the details. Up from the trash of Little Rock to Chappaqua, Hillary Clinton commands the maximums allowable from corporate and Hollywood high-rollers.

Although Obama is not on record for refusing such maximums, his record $55.7 million so far this year was contributed by 258,000 people – an average of $216 per donor.

The Clinton’s, who are famous for their ability to raise money from legal and even illegalsources are not use to getting slapped around by someone like Barack Hussein Obama.  I’m quite sure that has ruffled Hillary’s feathers as well as those who love and support the heartless senator, that’s why it would not surprise me in the least if Hillary Clinton’s campaign was up to its neck in this break in that brings back memories of the Watergate Break in that she herself was involved to cover up even worse abuse of power by none other then John F. Kennedy.

The Great Rush Limbaughalways says, “Follow the Money” when it comes to criminal activity in politics.  In this particular case, I imagine it will lead to Hillary Clinton’s empty pockets and her full bag of dirty tricks.  This my friends, has Clinton Fingerprints and DNA all over it, and this is coming from a Raging Right Wing Conservative who doesn’t care for ANY of the Democratic Candidates, I just know a Clinton Scam when I see one.

porky Muhammad

3 responses to “Did Senator Hillary Clinton Break and Enter Into Barack Hussein Obama Campaign HQ? I Think So And I Will Tell You Why!

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  3. Your a fucking moron. Have some proof before you accuse a Senator of burglary you pompous cocksucker

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