Iran Crushes Zionist Squirrel Spy Ring? That’s Nuts!

And Now, for the lighter side of news from the Middle East.


Comedian Tim Bedore often speaks of the Squirrels being the masterminds of the great “Animal Conspiracy” in his Vague But True segments on the nationally sydicated “Bob & Tom” radio show.  The Islamic “Nut” jobs in Iran have taken it to a whole new level!  This is hilarious!

From Sky News & The American-Israelli Patriot: 

Police in Iran are reported to have taken 14 squirrels into custody – because they are suspected of spying.

The rodents were found near the Iranian border allegedly equipped with eavesdropping devices.

The reports have come from the official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

When asked about the confiscation of the spy squirrels, the national police chief said: “I have heard about it, but I do not have precise information.”

The IRNA said that the squirrels were kitted out by foreign intelligence services – but they were captured two weeks ago by police officers. A Foreign Office source told Sky News: “The story is nuts.”

But if true, this would not be the first time animals have been used to spy.

During World War II the Allied Forces used pigeons to fly vital intelligence out of occupied France.

More recently, US marines stationed in Kuwait have used chickens as a low-tech chemical detection system.

And it is well documented that dolphins have been used to seek out underwater mines.

It is even claimed that M15 once planned to recruit a team of specially-trained gerbils as a secret weapon to sniff out spies.

“Specially Trained Gerbils”???  I could wonder if Hollyweird HearthThrob, Richard Gere was involved in the highly intensive training that was given to those “Heroic” Gerbils?

I personally would like to know where PETA and Pamela Anderson are and why they are not organizing a concert or an event to aid the families and friends of these newest of POW’s in the The War Against Terror?

I am quite sure that these squirrels have no BEEF with Iran and the nutty Mullahs.

The Humanity of it all

Oh, The humanity of it all!  KFC and the Chickens get all of the good press!

Nuts For Rambo

Nuts for Rambo!

I can only say one thing about these brave little speedbumps:

I've got the nuts to take ya!

These brave squirrels sure have some big nuts!

I hope everyones having a great weekend.  See Ya!

porky Muhammad

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