Senator Barack Hussein Obama Wants Diplomatic Ties With This?

Democratic Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama said recently that he is more then willing to sit down and talk with leaders from Rogue Nations like Iran, Cuba, Syria, and North Korea. 

Here is an example of the people that Senator B. Hussein Obama wants to have coffee with and discuss freedom and democracy with. 

WARNING!!! Graphic Images.

Tehran, Iran, Jul. 15 – Iranian authorities hanged a woman in public in the north-western province of East Azerbaijan, state media reported on Sunday.
The unnamed woman was hanged in public in the provincial capital Tabriz, the daily Tehran-e Emrouz wrote.The report put her age at 29.
She was accused of murder and conspiring to kill.

If your not able to see the video, CLICK HERE!  Once again, I warn you, the images are of 2 men and a woman being hung in public by a crane and suffering a slow and agonizing death by strangulation.

What is truly scary is that Frau Hitlery Clinton was chastised by Hussein Obama for not wanting to smoke um peace pipe with scum bags like these.

Why is it that the “chauvinist” Republicans are the only ones willing to stand up to a nation that does this to women? Seems to me that the “right wing” people in this country are the ones who find a problem with talking with people who openly support the stoning of homosexuals and the complete degradation of women. Democrats have only one principle: power. To them the enemy (Iran) of my enemy (Bush) is my friend. They would sell this country down the river if they got to be the ones to negotiate the price.

I absolutely do not trust anything the Islamonutjobs of Iran do or say. I read of one case where they hanged two teen boys for homosexuality. Based on what I read, it appears that they trumped up an assault case against the two of them. So we’re to believe that two young gay guys who were a couple went out and assaulted another boy. It has trumped up written all over it. They were hanged the same way these three people were. No one – repeat NO ONE – deserves this kind of death. IMHO. But in Iran – they manufacture evidence to suit. The judges are old insane Islamist lunatics. Many of the death penalty crimes are things that are pretty much normal human behavior and even condoned by the Liberal Base of the Democratic Party.  Just ask BJ Bill Clinton.  In Iran, Monica would have been stoned to death or hung along side of the former Prez, if not for the act itself, but just for being Jewish too!

Liberal Democrats scream bloody murder about Club Gitmo and the non-torture of placing womens panties over the heads of suspected terrorists, but yet, when the Islamic Republic of Iran commits attrocities such as this, there is nothing but silence from the liberal left.

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