B. Hussein Obama: The Muslim Terrorists Choice For President!

Obama bin Laden 

Presidential Candidate/Senator Osama Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL) is willing to picnic with Dictators, Thugs, and Terrorists and has made a public announcment that he will NOT use the Nuclear option in the event of a catostrophic Islamic Terrorist attack against the United States by saying, “I think it would be a profound mistake for us to use nuclear weapons in any circumstance.”  but is willing to launch an invasion against the Islamic nation of Pakistan, minus of course the nukes.  Just whose side is this clown on anyways?

From the Chicago Sun Times:

Obama tripped over his own words. He was asked by an AP reporter if there were any circumstances he would use nuclear weapons to attack terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan. ”I think it would be a profound mistake for us to use nuclear weapons in any circumstance,” Obama said, with a pause, ”involving civilians.” Then, according to AP, he quickly added, ”Let me scratch that. There’s been no discussion of nuclear weapons. That’s not on the table.” But the damage was done. Politicians can’t take back their words.

This time it was Hillary Clinton who delivered the lesson on presidential-level policy to Obama: “I don’t believe that any president should make any blanket statements with respect to the use or nonuse of nuclear weapons.”

These latest episodes follow two others in which Obama’s answers struck the wrong tone.

In the YouTube debate a couple of weeks ago, Obama said he was willing to meet, without preconditions, with the leaders of rogue states such as Syria, Iran and North Korea. Recognizing those renegades could seize a prestigious meeting with a president for propaganda purposes, Clinton said she would want to ensure there was a good reason for a meeting.

Again, Obama’s policy — America should be willing to meet with anyone — isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just not nuanced to the realities of international power politics.

It has become apparent that B. Hussein Obama’s lack of leadership experience or even potential is sticking out like the proverbial sore thumb, showing he would be better off filling the role of a typical incompetent supervisor with the Transportation Security Administration then that of Legislator or President of the United States of America.

Tickle me Obama

The openly Anti-War candidate who has blasted Frau Hillary on her vote to authorize the war in Iraq, to come across less dovish says he would launch attacks (acts of war mind you) against a nation that despite it’s own incompetence in dealing with Radical Islam and the Terrorists it’s breeding has been an ally to the United States in The War Against Terror.

MWCNEWS.COM had this to say about Obama:

BARACK OBAMA is supposedly the Great Hope, the liberal Presidential candidate who will deliver America (that the World used to love) from the clutches of the Racist Religious Right Republican (R4) Bush-ites who in 7 years have violently trashed much of the world from Somalia to Afghanistan (from the borders of Kenya in the West to Pakistan in the East), trashed America’s treasury and trashed America’s reputation.

However as the campaigning goes on Obama is looking more and more like the president he hopes to replace. Indeed this week President George W. Bush had to step in and implicitly rebuke Barack Obama for – of all things – irresponsible, “unsavoury” and wanton war-mongering threats to unilaterally attack America’s key ally Pakistan.

George W. Bush has described the Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama’s  call for unilateral attack on Pakistan as “unsavoury” and politically motivated. This indeed is the pot calling the kettle black!

Obama went to Columbia University and Harvard Law School but his “strike Pakistan” call betrays a woeful

Ignorance of history and Law at best –  and at worst, a racist disregard of International Law, the UN Charter and International Humanitarian Conventions.

Obama’s Kenyan father – like Pakistan – was part of the infamous, racist, genocidal and evil  British Empire that spread death and destruction over the whole world. The excess deaths in the British Empire in British India (of which Pakistan was a part) totalled 1.5 billion over 2 centuries (see MWC News ). Barack Obama should know better but obviously doesn’t.

One must seriously question the fitness of Barack Obama to be President of the United States, a nation that  that ostensibly believes that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

I have to admit though, Hillary Clinton is being smart, she is sitting back silently waiting for (Osama) Obama to speak his stupidity and then responding to his idiocy.

I use to think that the Republicans would have preferred going up against Senator Clinton in the Presidential campaign, strictly because of her high negative rating amongst likely voters, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the better opponent would be the visably incompetent Osama B. Hussein Obama, simply because his recent statements make him more likely the candidate that Muslim Terrorists and Communist Dictators would choose based on his ability not to lead us to victory against our enemies, but more likely to lead us to defeat and destruction.

Republican candidate Tom Tancredo has the best idea yet that I have heard any politician say publicly, that the  best way he could think of to deter a nuclear terrorist attack on the U.S. would be to threaten to retaliate by bombing the holiest Islamic sites of Mecca and Medina. 

In my opinion, with the possibility of attacks by Hamas and other factions of the Palestinian squatters in the region, we should include the possible destruction  of the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem in retaliation for ANY attacks sponsored by them against the United States.  It’s obvious by their lack of respect for human life, but deep reverence for so called “Holy Cities” and objects like the Koran that this type of retaliation would hurt them more and serve more as a deterence then threats of military action against their Army of Martyrs. (Suicide Bombers)

Here is my image of Osam Barack Hussein Obama as a world leader:

Freaking scary, isn’t it!?!

5 responses to “B. Hussein Obama: The Muslim Terrorists Choice For President!

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  5. The Obamanator wants to invade a ally nation, run with his tail between his legs from a hostile nation, destabalize a nation with nuclear weapons….What part of Dumbass does he not understand? Obama makes Bush look like a Rhodes Scholar.

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