Democrat Supporters Refer To Convicted Islamic Terrorist As A “Martyr”

The loony schmucks over at the Daily Kos that hate conservatives but love Liberal Democrats are seething and were stumbling all over themselves in defense of convicted Muslim Terrorist Jose Padilla.

From The Daily KKKos:

GUILTY: American Martyr to “War on Terror” Padilla

only the socially unpopular, the mentally ill, and the politically dangerous end up at the end of a noose or in yet another bonfire of political vanity.

From allegations of planning to plant a readioactive “dirty” bomb, to being convicted of having his prints on a piece of apparently “found” by the government.  The rest was purely circumstatial.

The case against against Padilla hinged on one piece of papar: an application with his fingerprints.  If this is enough to incarcerate and torture an American citizen, then America the Beautiful has truly fallen to fear, fascism, and intolerance.

And then there is this…..

Over five years after his arrest, multiple trips to the Supreme Court, and being held (and apparently tortured) for years in a military brig without charge, counsel or judicial review–Padilla is found guilty.  It’s a jury verdict that has been so de-legitimized by the Administration’s shenanigans in this case, that it’s rendered practically (if not legally) meaningless.  And we should all feel guilty for allowing a U.S. citizen to be subjected to this. [UPDATE: today’s Washington Post lead editorial, takes the same position I did yesterday: “The five year path to a verdict is an indictment of the Administration

Unfortunately for Padilla, because of his status a only a “Political Martyr” and not one that died commiting murder like the 19 Islamic Terrorists who hijacked 4 planes on September 11, 2001, he will not be receiving his 72 virgins for some time now, except that perhaps he could end up shacking up with a cell mate named Bubba who will tattoo some breasts on Padillas back and show him the reason they call prison, “The Pokey”. 

These are the same people, like the Mother of all Moonbats Cindy Sheehan, who refer to the Islamic Terrorists who kill American soldiers and innocent civillians as “Freedom Fighters”, they now call an Islamic Terrorist who was planning a catastrophic Terror Attack against the United States a Martyr.

The Islamic Terrorists in Israel who blow themselves up in crowded deli’s and busses are hailed as martyrs and guaranteed 72 virgins upon their death according to the book written by the granddaddy of all Islamic Terrorists, Muhammad the Cartoon like prophet.

What do you expect afterall from people who refer to our own soldiers as murderers and terrorists like the Democrat Messiah Barack Hussein Obama said recently about our Men and Women in uniform.

Obama Muhammad

The Rogue Jew would like to express a message to Padilla:

No Virgins For You and Don’t drop the soap!

Have a good weekend!

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