What Did The Hijacker Say To The Passengers? We Are Muslim!

No big surprise here, but this should go down as one of the top ten quotes of the year.  Hell, I would have never guessed this in a million years!

From Yahoo News:

ANKARA, Turkey – Two men who hijacked a Turkish passenger plane in an apparent protest against the U.S. surrendered to authorities Saturday after holding some crew members and passengers hostage for more than four hours. No one was hurt.

The men claimed to be carrying a bomb and demanded that the Atlasjet Airlines plane headed from northern Cyprus to Istanbul be diverted to Iran. The plane, which had taken off from northern Cyprus headed for Istanbul, landed at Antalya airport after pilots said they needed to refuel.

Passengers speaking to NTV and CNN-Turk said the hijackers spoke Arabic to each other and promised not to harm the passengers. “We are Muslims,” the passengers quoted one of the hijackers as saying.

“The adventure that started early in the morning finally came to an end,” said Tuncay Doganer, the CEO of Atlasjet. “With the two hijackers having surrendered, the incident ended with no bloodshed.” 

“We are muslims” ….Well, they’res  a shock. Was this an excuse, apology, or explanation?   “We are muslims.” Was there ever a question about that?  Quick, hide the small boys, the sheep, and goats!!!

Considering that they hijacked a plane in Turkey to protest the United States, then lost all their hostages, and then allowed themselves to be captured alive in a country noted for…how shall we say…sub-nominal prisons where human and civil rights are considered non existent, are you sure they weren’t misquoted, and actually said “We are morons”?Personally, I’m waiting for the Islamic Terrorist Support group and Unidicted Co-conspirator CAIR to chime in and say it was the Joos or perhaps the Amish!

I must admit that it is nice to see that the Islamic Practice of hijacking planes has officially expanded its franchise into the Muslim markets.

“Welcome to Muhammad’sTM Muslim Hijack Franchise. For only the cost of shipping of the Koran you will learn all that is required to start your own profitable turnkey system!

Imagine the fortunes you will amass when governments of all nations pay YOU, yes YOU, money to play nice! Learn our secret techniques in our free brochure just for ordering today, Taqiyya Techniques Turn ProfitsTM!

You will amass wealth in no time! Down on your luck and only have 1 wife? Our revolutionary system will have the other 3 beating down your door all before morning wudu! Hitch up the camel and ride on in in person, or send self addressed envelope, utilizing the Zionist mail conspiracy system, to:…. Don’t wait, take over your plane TODAY!”

Can you say, “Allahu Fubar”? 

porky Muhammad

2 responses to “What Did The Hijacker Say To The Passengers? We Are Muslim!

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  2. Ibraheem, So far from the education I have gotten in ISLAM 101 and 102, Muhammad the Cartoon Like Prophet was far from a great man. Perhaps a great mass murderer and cult leader like Jim Jones and David Koresh. Having worked in a Max Security prison for over 10 yrs and having seen what happened on 9*11, and the suicide bombers, beheadings, etc…, Islam has only shown me death and intolerance. I’m all for live and let live, but the followers of Muhammad have shown me death and destruction of those who do not submit.
    But hey, Thanks for Playing, keep your head, hands and feet inside the car at all times, remain seated and enjoy the ride. Mess with my people, and I will gladly send you on a one way magic carpet ride to your 72 virgins. Allahu Fubar to you!……NEXT!!!

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