Murtha, Congressman John Murtha? Another US Marine May Be Vindicated Of Charges!


Yet another one of the Marines that US Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) Charged, Tried, Convicted, and Executed in the public forum is probably going to have the charges against him dropped from the make believe “Massacre” made up by Murtha and the MSM in their propaganda war against the United States Military presence in Iraq.

From Yahoo News:

An investigating officer recommended Thursday dismissing all charges against a Marine accused of murdering two girls in an assault that killed 24 civilians in the Iraqi town of Haditha.

Lance Cpl. Stephen B. Tatum, 26, is charged with unpremeditated murder of two girls and negligent homicide on suspicion that he unlawfully killed two men, a woman and a boy. He is also accused of assaulting another boy and a girl.

Investigating officer Lt. Col. Paul Ware said the evidence was too weak for a court-martial. Tatum shot and killed civilians, but “he did so because of his training and the circumstances he was placed in, not to exact revenge and commit murder,” Ware wrote.

“I believe (Lance Cpl.) Tatum’s real life experience and training on how to clear a room took over and his body instinctively began firing while his head tried to grasp at what and why he was firing,” Ware wrote. “By the time he could recognize that he was shooting at children, his body had already acted.

Congressman Murtha has yet to concede to the public that he was wrong in refering to our men and women in the military, particularly Marines of which he himself is a former Marine who as a US Congressman has done everything in his power to disgrace the uniform that he formerly wore.

Anyone wishing to contact America’s most Corrupt Congressman, John Murtha’s office can do so here:

Contact info for office of John Murtha:


800-289-2642 from Western PA


814-539-6229 — District
202-225-5709 — Washington

Scumbag John Murtha can only be compared to one other former Marine turned A$$hole…….Lee Harvey Oswald.  The only difference between the two is that Oswald used a gun to assassinate in American Leader, Murtha the coward uses the Media.  Murtha is a faithless traitor to the Corps. and to his own country.

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