That Dog-gone Muhammad! Cartoon Jihad II: Mo Maddness

Jeezus H. Christ, here we go again!  The Religion of Peace is up in arms again over the latest sketches of the Cartoon like Prophet Muhammad, this time from Sweden.

What in the hell doesn’t piss these people off?  Islamofacists are always refering to Jews as dogs, monkeys, and pigs and creating cartoons for children that glamorize suicide bombings in which innocent Jewish civillians are killed and maimed, but draw a picture of their alleged prophet who in my opinion is the grandfather of Islamic Terrorism and heads will roll….Literally!

I being the sensitive tolerant person that I am, of course could not resist stirring the Freedom of Speech pot a little and as a service to my readers and an expression of Freedom, I The Rogue Jew bring to you the Swedish Sketches of Muhammad by Swedish artist Lars Vilks.

Doggone Muhammad 1

Doggone Muhammad 2

Doggone Muhammad 4

Doggone Muhammad 3

Doggone Muhammd 5

Doggone Muhammad 6

As of late, they’re no complaints from PETA or any of the other animal rights nut groups over the depiction of a Dog as the founder of leading cause of death amongst Christians and Jews in the Middle East and Asia.

I’m wondering where disgraced football player and professional dogfighter Michael Vicks fits into this picture.  Is he Muslim?

With all of the protests and riots that this latest insallment of Cartoon Jihad will bring us, this is definately a job for Islamic Rage Boy!!!

Allahu Fubar!!!

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