Cartoon Jihad American Style: Mo Funny Islamic Funnies!

Throwing fuel on the fire…..Yup, leave it to me! I love to express my Freedom of Speech, especially if it has a tendency to piss off my enemies and expose their intolerance.

The pics are just to big to show full size on my page, so I am just going to post the fingernail shots the Opus Cartoon strips thats getting the Islamic worlds panties in such a twist that Newspapers in the United States like the Washington Post were to big of cowards to show.

For your viewing pleasure:

Berkeley Breathed’s Aug. 26 and Sept. 2 strips — which comprise sort of a two-part series — show the Lola Granola character wanting to become an Islamic radicalist (and wear traditional Muslim clothing) because it’s a “hot new fad on the planet.” Content also includes what Shearer described as “a sex joke a little stronger than we normally see.”

Opus on Islam opus2.jpg

Most news outlets today show no fear when posting pictures or images that may be offensive in nature to Jews or Christians but shutter in anxious fear when it comes to Islam and the much revered Cartoon Like Prophet Muhammad. Me on the other hand, I’m an equal opportunity offender. I’m sure I’ve pissed off some of my Jewish and Christian friends in the past.

Happy Labor day !!!

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