The Rogue Jew Responds To Osama bin Laden


Holy Shiite, I knew it was bound to happen Sunni or later…He’s back!  Osama bin Obama…I mean Laden.

In light of Osama bin Ladens recent video tape and the upcoming anniversary of the 9/11 Muslim Terror attacks against America, I thought I would revive a composition authored partly by comedian John Valby and some other stuff thrown in for added punch.  Enjoy! 

Here’s to Osama bin Laden, that towelheaded scum, may the US blast his ass to kingdom come. He’s a bagless wonder that lives in a cave,may U.S. Marines piss Jack Daniels on that cocksucker’s grave.Osama bin Laden being a chickenshit faggot lives off camel

turds with a topping of maggot, bin Laden doesn’t think

we have the gusto come and blow off his islamic nuts!

We will eat all his hummus and drink all his tea, and screw every princess in Bagdad. We’ll cut off his balls and split his bag, then wipe our asses on his Islamic flag.

We will walk in his cave and shit on his floor, and hang Old Glory right over his door. We’ll nuke his cities and shit on the streets, and piss on every Islamic Terrorist we meet.

We will darken his honor and shorten his joy, and show him the spirit of this American Jew boy. From the Land of the Free and the home of the brave, we will march into Mecca and shit on his grave

But now America is all done with his crap,

so let’s just nuke the fuckers right off of the map.

So here’s to Osama bin Laden that son-of-a-bitch,

may his pecker fall off with the seven year itch.

May they beat on his balls with a big brass hammer,

till his asshole starts whistling The Star-Spangled Banner.

Obama bin Laden, as for your request that Americans convert to your Cult like religion that perpetuates murder, mayem, and oppression, I belive that Vice President Dick Cheney said it best…………

One response to “The Rogue Jew Responds To Osama bin Laden

  1. Sir! I’ve just perused your harsh and scandalous comments about Mister Bin Laden! What’s wrong with you?! Are you unsympathetically averse to vicious, primitive, human-shaped piles of cave-dwelling fecal matter?

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