Undeniable Proof That Islam Is Not A Religion!

I think that I have undeniable proof that Islam is not a Religion but more of a Cult thinking that is supported by the Liberal Left of America.

Since 1962, Prayer has been banned in Public Schools here in the United States.  The communist swine of the ACLU fights tooth, fang, and claw to make damn well sure that no student that attends a taxpayer funded public schools says any kind of prayer.  Jewish, Christian, or otherwise…. That was until Islam came along.

From WND:

The “Five Pillars” of Islam – charity, fasting, prayer, belief and pilgrimage – are being taught to public school students in Nyssa, Ore., under the guise of world history, the school has confirmed to WND, even though a parent raised a complaint about the same teachings a year ago.

In a letter to parents following the concerns that were raised at that point, Supt. Don Grotting and other school officials told parents that the text called “Journey Across Time” features a chapter on “Islamic Civilizations.”

As part of that, “class activities have included guest speakers (including an American soldier serving in Iraq and a practicing Muslim woman who is an American citizen living in Mountain Home) who talked about geography, dress, climate, religion, economy and culture and student skits, in which students prepare and perform three- to five-minute skits about the tenets of Islam belief: charity, fasting, prayer, belief, and pilgrimage.”

Teachers are having students memorize Islamic prayers, wear Islamic dress and learn to behave as a Muslim under the guise of studying history.

Some parents objected and their resulting lawsuit was turned back by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals where the opinion called it “cultural education.”

Much like the Liberal Left, Islam is intolerant to Christians and Jews.  The desire is to convert or dominate those who are not Muslim, and G-d forbid any free exchange of ideas…In Islam, it’s Muhammad’s way or the Highway.  Liberals think the same as Islamic Terrorists. 

The liberal left has much in common with the radical arm of Islam.  If you read anything at all on the Daily Kos or the Huffington Post, the nutjobs that post commentaries on those sites would line up to execute President Bush, Cheney, or anyone that disagrees with their way of thinking.  Just like Osama bin Laden and every other Muslim nutjob that envisions Islamic Law as the Law of the land.

The fact that Islam is being taught in public schools with the official oky doky stamped on it by the Liberal establishment that opposes any form of religion taught or discussed in public schools is to me, proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that Islam IS NOT, I repeat, NOT a religion. 

3 responses to “Undeniable Proof That Islam Is Not A Religion!

  1. Hmmm. There are a number of relevant points you’ve omitted.
    Yes, the Left supports radical Islam and many leftie bloggers advocate the five pillars. What needs to be pointed out, however, is an uncomfortable fact: Thomas Jefferson founded the Democrat party in 1792, a scant 10 or so years after the founding of Islam. I do not believe that the events are unrelated.
    In a rare few speeches that FDR gave, he occasionally mentioned Islam in connection with his New Deal, big government programs — socialist programs cut from the whole cloth of what any literate person can find in the Koran.
    The American left has a long, long history and an unfortunate love affair with this toxic movement that can hardly be called a religion but more accurately characterized as a destructive movement that has gained it’s momentum from the Democrat Party which has been so kind to it throughout it’s history.

  2. Double hmmmm…

    America’s Marxist intellectuals would love to have the power and manhood to murder politically incorrect Jews and Christians like their brothers who rule “Islamic” countries through dictatorship and terror. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Islam is their last big hope for regaining the power to kill uppity (religious) Christians and Jews in the world and end that pesky democracy and constitution thing that fails to place them in total power.

    That little man from Iran, the Left’s hero…helping out the Progressives’ “freedom fighters” will be holding forth at Columbia University. And these are the things that educate America’s college students and run our Universities!

    By the way, Mr. Rouge Jew. You may be a member of the vast right wing conspiracy, but I am the president of the club calling all the shots and hatching all the conspiracies behind the scenes! Operation Hillary’s fat ankles is coming up! And it is going to be mean, mean, mean! I have the eeeevil Ann Coulter working on some dirt right now! I have to go because I have a lot of voting machines to fix and chads to hang for the upcoming election.

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