TSA: Picture Perfect Incompetence

A Muslim TSA Screener searching a Roman Catholic Nun!  When we read about Suicide Bombers, I just never think about a Catholic Nun or a Priest as being a mass murdering POS.

TSA frisks nun

I agree with  Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer that we do need random searches, but my experience with the TSA is that out of “Sensitivity” toward Muslims, they would rather search (Molest) 80 yr old men and women in wheelchairs, and allow the people who match the description of the enemy free access to our airports.

As some of my readers know, I had the unfortunate pleasure of having worked for the TSA for 3 yrs.  This photo more then proves what a three ring dog and pony show complete with smoke & mirrors the TSA truly is!

I will repeat from first hand knowledge what a inefficent, ineffective, top heavy, waste of tax payer dollars the Transportation Security Administration really is. 

In my whole 42 yrs on this planet, I have never worked for a more incompetent and inept bunch of boobs ever, and that’s after having spent 10 yrs with the Michigan Dept of Corrections!

I use to get such a ache in my gut every morning before going to work, it surpisingly went away after I left my employment with the TSA.  No more Pepsid, no more acid reflux, and I sleep better at night knowing I’m not ripping off the taxpayers of America.

H/T Michelle Malkin

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