Anti-Americanism: Just Look For The Union Label

Bashing our troops has become the “In Thing” amongst Liberal Democrats.  Just ask Bruce Wolf, chair of the “Social Justice Committee” of the AFL-CIO-affiliated union O.P.E.I.U. Local 2, he refers to United States Soldiers as gun toting Scabs, Thugs and Union Busters.   Bruce Wolf also says the US Military presence in Iraq is interfering with the Unions ultimate goal.  To unionize Iraqi workers and to Free them from American Tyranny.

From Michelle Malkin:

Mr. Wolf has written numerous wistful letters to lefty sites over the last several years, claiming his demonstration is not political, trying to increase participation — alas, without credibility, nor success. As the DC Chapter’s extensive documentation shows, their numbers have fallen off and stayed lower than the number of Free Republic troop supporters for years now, while DC Chapter’s numbers continue to grow. It’s a really hard sell, even for lefties, to protest the war in the faces of volunteer soldiers who are wounded, and Mr. Wolf is not doing well at it.

This week, in fact, the Reuters news organization ran an article headlined, “U.S. Protests Shrink While Antiwar Sentiment Grows.” Anti-war organizers feud among themselves, reporter Andy Sullivan said, “and participants question the effectiveness of the street protests.” Astonishingly, this mainstream media article at last pointed up the so-called “peace” movement leadership’s ties to the communist Worker’s World Party and its splinter, Party for Socialism and Liberation. What it doesn’t mention is the dedicated counterprotest presence of FReepers, Gathering of Eagles, Protest Warriors, Vets for Victory, MoveAmericaForward and hundreds of other grassroots groups determined not to allow another war to be won on the ground but lost by the media and Congress, as had happened in the Vietnam era.

Labor unions, which at one time served a useful purpose in this country and have obviously outlived their usefulness, have resorted to compelling their members to protest the Iraq War and President Bush’s policies outside of Walter Reed Military Hospital which treats wounded American soldiers.

The Office and Professional Employees Union labor union which falls under the blanket coverage of the AFL-CIO recruits its workers to show up at the lefties’ phony “vigil.” A Union member’s  remarks clearly revealed that standing outside the Walter Reed Army Medical Center with anti-war signs wasn’t a personal choice, but a workplace commitment demanded by a union representative.

Personally, I use to belong to a Labor Union when I was a Corrections Officer for over 10 yrs in the State of Michigan.  Not one time did I ever vote for any of the candidates endorsed by the union.  Not many did.  The irony of it all was that most of the Democrats endorsed by the Michigan Corrections Organization, also supported Liberal Prison Policies that favored the Convicted Criminal and made our Jobs of maintaining custody and security of our states prisons more difficult then it ever should have been.

In my opinion, O.P.E.I.U. Local 2 is no different then the wackjobs from Westboro Baptist Church who prey on the funerals of American Soldiers to protest the Iraq war and have been quoted to say that “G-d hates Fags” , that all who died in the 9/11 attacks deserved what they got and that American soldiers deserve to die.

Anti-war activism, especially by American Labor Unions is a lie, using the sacrifices of military families to mask the murderous history of socialism in its disingenuous pleas for the United States to surrender her strengths, relinquish knowledge and pride in her history, and deconstruct the plain meaning of her Declaration and Constitution. It is an ideology that fears competition in the marketplace of ideas, bitterly resenting John Kerry’s failed presidential bid. “  The AFL-CIO Executive Council exhorts its members (from its spartan conference site — Las Vegas), urging them to dismiss the threat posed by worldwide Islamofascism.

Islamofacism is the real enemy, not American Soldiers.

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