The Face Of Islamofacism:

Let’s not forget Islamofacism Awareness Week is October 22-26, 2007.  As a run up to that week I thought I would feature someone in American history who has done everything possible to aid and comfort those who want to destroy America and Israel.  A man who never met a Communist Dictator, Thug, or an Islamic Terrorist he didn’t like…….I present to you, former failed President and Hamas Operative Jimmy “Peanut” Carter!

The New Face of Islamofacism

Personally, I would love to see Jimmy Carter given an all expense paid trip courtesy the CIA and United States Military to Club Gitmo.  Once there, stripped of what’s left of his dignity and treated as an enemy combatant.  Perhaps some time on the waterboard would be appropriate for this anti-American POS that supports Islamofacism.

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