Koran On The Can-Toilet Seats Of Blasphemy Seized In Italy

Muhammad Says: “Tolerate our intolerance or we will kill you!” 

Rage Boy 

Too much Falafel and Goats milk?  Time to pray at the Great White Porcelain Telephone to Allah?  Rogue Jew Inc. is happy to present to you, The Great Toilet Seat of Blasephemy!  Only problem is that you will not be able to find it in Italy anymore.  Threats of violence and riots have Italian officials bowing before the alter of Dhimmitude and out of fear of beheading and car burning have acted quickly to stop the sale of toilet seat covers that have verses from the Koran printed on them.

The Islamization of Europe continues….

From LGF:

ROME — Italian Muslims have swiftly acted to stop the sale in local stores of toilet seat covers that feature verses of the Noble Qur’an in an unprecedented blasphemous act, reporting the matter to appropriate authorities and politicians, who proved forthcoming.

“I would like to thank Italian authorities who responded positively to our complaints against this profanity,” Samir Al-Khalidi, the head of the Islamic Centre (Al-Huda) in Rome, told IslamOnlin.net Saturday, October 27.

“We reacted astutely to this provocation and threw the ball in the court of security officials and politicians, demanding them to seize the products immediately to head off angry Muslim reaction,” he added.

The Lazio-based Orizzonte Company unveiled this month a new collection of bathroom products including the offensive toilet cover seats. They feature verses from the Noble Qur’an printed on the double face of the cover seats and intersected by colorful flowers and Latin words.

Following Muslim complaints, police raided the four braches of the company in the town of Latina, 60km south of Rome, and seized 2,000 such pieces on sale.

Interior minister Giuliano Amato met Friday with Italian Muslim leaders at the main Rome Mosque to reassure them that Italy would not tolerate such outrageous acts.

“This is an insult to the Muslim faith,” The imam of the Lazio town of Latina’s mosque, Sheikh Yusuf, told Amato. Amato reassured Yusuf, saying: “I would like to tell our friends from Latina that we have been informed of this matter and are taking action because it is offensive.”

Italy has a Muslim population of some 1.2 million, including 20,000 reverts, according to unofficial estimates.

I’m not sure if it’s the Koran on the Toilet seat that is so upsetting or simply the concept of a flushing toilet with a comfortable seat that is causing all of the latest uproar in the Muslim world.  Everyone knows that the Koran is not for sitting on, but for wiping with afterwards!

I’d like to buy some for my friends for Hanukkah or Christmas.  I’ve looked on Ebay and Overstock.com and I am unable to locate a source for this hilarious gift idea.  I envision a market right here in the US for such an item.  It could be manufactured in China, preferably with lead free paint.

Koran Toilet Paper

10 responses to “Koran On The Can-Toilet Seats Of Blasphemy Seized In Italy

  1. What a Shame!!!! du it really amuse you? abusing a relligion is that the kindness and the humanity? In what a world do we live? I hope you’ll get your reward for your bad interruption.

  2. Would you have been amused if verses from the old testiment ? Shame on u for insulting divine religion

  3. Islam is a death cult founded on a lunar demon that either fooled or suborned Mohamed (the pedophile) into thinking it was an angel, thus launching the worst, most hate-filled, destructive cult since the Canaanites used to burn their children alive to appease an earlier iteration of the so called al lah. (alshaitan is more likely)

  4. Yeah, I’ve been looking for Koran asswipe too. Can’t find it on ebay, can’t find it on Google Shopping. I’d buy a CASE of it if only somebody would market it!

  5. I love the idea of koran toilet paper too. Love the article, disregard those that think of islam as a “devine religion” , Yeah, its as devine as the mormons magic book from Joseph Smith.

    derka derka derka muhammed jihad

  6. Yes the ASSHOLES who think Islam is great need to ea PIG. If any one finds Quran ass wipes and or toilet seat napkins with verses from the quran, I would like a truck load Is it Quran or Koran ? Either way it would make for good ass wipes considering the Muslims only use their hands to wipe their asses.

  7. The rag heads in my country will have a serious problem when we hate those little camel shaggers as much as they hate us.

    Preach your hate in a cave and piss off out of my country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. .. The rag heads in my country will have a serious problem when we hate those little camel shaggers as much as they hate us.

    Preach your hate in a cave and piss off out of my country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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