The Scary Truth About Hillary Clinton

I was searching the internet in a quest to get a deeper insight into the former first Woman (Lady just doesn’t fit) Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY).  What I found was informative and hilarious.

Truth and Hillary Clinton are exact opposites, Rarely is the truth associated with Frau Hitlery till now!

From IAMO:

Every time you hear Hillary laugh, you lose one year of your life.

Hillary gets all the daily nutrients she needs from the tears of children.

Hillary Clinton is the only presidential candidate that is mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

When a blogger suggested that Hillary is in league with Satan, he was sued for slander… by Satan.

Hillary Clinton uses the empty space where her soul should be to keep her change.

Hilery-cleenton is an old Native American phrase meaning “giant-thighed baby-eater.”

Hillary Clinton is responsible for half the murders in D.C.

Hillary Clinton likes Midwesterners so much she even has an affectionate nickname for them: “Sky fairy worshiping nobodies I fly over on my way to important places.”

If Hillary Clinton isn’t elected president, she will seek revenge by destroying the world… though probably in a less drawn out and painful way than if she ran it.

If Hillary Clinton supporters are going door to door in your neighborhood, just mark your doorpost with lamb’s blood and they’ll not bother you.

Hillary Clinton regularly breaks all ten Commandments even before breakfast. I don’t know how she breaks “keep the Sabbath holy” on a Tuesday, but shes finds away.

Anthropological evidence shows that ancient man had to deal with a creature similar to Hillary Clinton except that it was ten feet tall, had horns, had a spiked tail, and was only half as scary.

Hillary Clinton can’t visit a maternity ward without pressing up against the window to the nursery and exclaiming, “Mmm… Fresh babies!”

Hillary Clinton can’t tell the truth about anything without having extremely painful headaches.

Hillary’s favorite pastime is drowning puppies while orphans are forced to watch.

Hillary doesn’t smile — she bares her teeth.

Sensing her evil, dogs bark when in the presence of Hillary Clinton… as do toddlers.

Hillary Clinton’s main inspiration in politics is Skeletor.

One of the biggest complaints of Hillary’s campaign staff is the awful stench that comes from the flying monkeys’ cages.

Hillary Clinton’s least favorite part of her annual physical:  Prostate check and screening for testicular cancer.

This is not much of a surprise to anyone:

BONUS FACT ABOUT HILLARY CLINTON:  Hillary is NOT gay, She just plays one on CNN and C-Span!

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