Conservatives Are Perfected Liberals

The highest evolution of the speices………..Conservatives!

Liberal self-destructive Jews are up in arms over the statement by Conservative Columnist Ann Coulter that Christians are perfected Jews and that we (Jews) need to hop on the Jesus bandwagon.  The remarks by Ann Coulter unfortunately for the Liberal Left did not piss off all Jews and there were Jews who actually were not offended by her remarks, but thanks to the squashing of the freedom of speech by the left wing controlled media, nobody will ever know that.

It did however get me to thinking about what it means to me to be a conservative in today’s world.

I think that Conservatives are Politically Perfected Liberals.  We own guns and support the Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms, we have Jobs in the Private sector and do not rely on handouts from the government in the form of food stamps and welfare programs funded by hard working taxpayers, we believe in lowering taxes because we consider it more important to keep the wealth we have earned to support our own families better then relying on the government to take care of us.

As Perfected Liberals, Conservatives believe in G-d the Almighty in whose image we were created in, we don’t believe in worshipping big government or governmental figures as messiah figures based on the snake oil they are trying to sell us.

Conservatives believe that mass murderers and pedophiles should die and that unborn babies who have never commited a criminal act should live.

I was born into a UAW family who always voted for the Democrats.  When I turned 18, my first Presidential Election was in 1984 and I went against the family and voted for the late, great Ronald Reagan.  I never looked back.

I have always owned guns, believe that most animals are tasty as good as they look, I believe that G-d controls the enviroment and the climate not Al Gore, I think we should concentrate more on teaching our children morals, values and self accountability more then we need to indoctrinate them into  the cult like religion of Islam and Homosexuality.  I believe in Freedom of Speech for all people including Liberals who drool over themselves in a drug induced haze and even Islamofacists such as friend to the liberal left, Ahmadinejad and not shouted down as Liberals do when Conservative speak.

I am a Conservative, a “Perfected Liberal”, the top of the food chain, the more evolved, higher functioning of the species.

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