Hillary Clinton Causing Electoral Dysfunction Amongst Voting Men In America

It seems with male voters, Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) is the anti viagra of Presidential Candidates and her campaign is falling limp in attracting the voting men of America.  Hillary Clinton is being labled the source of Electoral Dysfunction and Premature Nomination in the American voting male.


 WASHINGTON — More than eight in 10 Republicans and more than half the married men in a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll say they definitely wouldn’t vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.

The poll provides an early snapshot of who’s ruling out Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama, the three leading candidates for the Democratic nomination.

The poll found that 36% of women wouldn’t vote for Clinton, compared with 50% of men — and 55% of married men. Obama had comparable appeal to women and more to men. Clinton’s appeal overall falls as income rises, the reverse of the findings for Obama.

Just the thought of her as Commander in Chief makes my pecker go limp.  I guess you could compare another Clinton Presidency with masturbating with a cheese grater…..Painful as hell and completely useless!!!

Is it any wonder why?

 Hillary Clinton Stock Photo

Imagine having to wake up to that every morning knowing the only reason her hand is in your pants is to pick your pocket of every last dime you worked so hard for.

One response to “Hillary Clinton Causing Electoral Dysfunction Amongst Voting Men In America

  1. Hillary is such an ambiguous president candidate. First she votes against ethanol then she changes her mind and decides to support it in her energy plan. In the last debate, she contradicted herself in different subjects, which is obvious in this video that compares her many contradictions at the same day: http://www.weshow.com/us/p/22225/the_politics_of_parsing_by_hillary_clinton
    You guys that have watched the debate or this video that shows just some of her obvious contradictions should agree with me that we just can’t vote for a so clearly pathetic candidate.

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