Liberal Anti-War Moms Use Children As Human Shields

The same Cindy Sheehan anti-war liberal douchebags that have been trying to block supplies from reaching our sons and daughters serving in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken lessons from Muslim Terrorists like the so called Palestinians and are using their own children as Human Shields and one particular mother dropped her own baby on its face.

From Michelle Malkin:

I work at the port, and have observed some truly mind boggling events unfold, but the most astonishing was the use of children as human shields. The attached pictures were taken on 11/9/07; the night military equipment was first blocked from leaving the port. The Olympia Police Department essentially abandoned any effort to remove the protesters out of fear that a child would be harmed in their efforts to enforce the law. The mother of these children apparently had no such concern.

After the military convoy was forced to retreat, a victory celebration ensued, with chanting dancing, etc. I was horrified to watch as the woman in the attached photograph, distracted by events, allowed her infant to fall from her lap and land, face first on the pavement. The second photo shows her retrieving the crying baby as her other two children, dressed as terrorists look on.

This situation, and another two days later, when dozens of college aged girls were arrayed in rows with arms linked to block the road, showed a deliberate effort to use the same tactics as the terrorist savages who manipulate us, knowing that decent people cannot abide putting innocents in harm’s way. And, while the police were dragging the females away, under the glare of the media’s cameras, the males were establishing rolling blockades; throwing rocks at police and military vehicles; breaking windows, etc.

The whole event had the flavor of a huge mob of children playing some updated version of “Cowboys and Indians” — with live ammo.

The same dysfunctional sociopaths that don’t want their kids fighting for Liberty and Freedom have absofreakinglutely no problem placing their children in harms way to protest our great Military.

If you click on the link to Michelle’s website and look closely at the pictures associated with this obvious occurance of Child Abuse and Neglect, you will notice that the “proud” parents have showed their children how to dress like the Muslim Terrorists that our Military is fighting.  

Much like the Muslim people of the Middle East, it appears Liberals hate the military, George Bush, and America more then they love their own children.  What’s next for these very same people that will vote for B. Hussein Obama, John Edwards, or Hillary Clinton, Suicide Bombing Missions?  Perhaps a car bomb?

I hope that abusive mom that dropped her kid has her S-Chip Government Provided Health Insurance to pay for the treatment of the road rash on his face inflicted upon him by his mommy.  I have a strange feeling that being dropped on your head is a right of passage for most liberals.

Liberals Use Children as Human Shields

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