Party Of Frauds, Liars, & Phonies: Democrat Debate Uses Planted Questions

Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? 

This is just more proof that CNN (Clinton News Network) is nothing more then a Clinton Propaganda Tool and the asshats at CNN rigged the debate with 6 Democratic Supporters and former Democratic Staffers and told viewers that they were “Undecided Voters”.  It’s beginning to look like the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media have developed a “Green Thumb” so to say in their new found ability to plant and grow thoughts into the minds of America by Planting questions and questioners into the neverending propaganda peices formerly called Debates.


I have spent more than 12 hours researching the “random” questioners at the CNN Democratic Debate that was held on November 15th, 2007. I started out looking around, because there was a story about the first questioner, Catherine Jackson, who may have been a plant. As it turns out, she is an anti-war type, who has rallied against the war outside of Harry Reid’s office in Nevada. Harry Reid is one of the biggest supporters of surrender in Iraq, to this day denying the surge is working, among other things. The story came out about Catherine when someone recognized the name and discovered a news story of her interview during one of these protests.

I looked up CNN’s transcripts of the debate, to find out who they are. At the same time, I paid attention to other blogs and news outlets, to find some mention of The Diamonds and Pearls girl, being Maria Luisa, and CNN made her ask her question. She said she felt stupid, because she wanted to ask a question about Yucca Mountain. There were links to her My Space page, indicating she was 15.

But the transcripts said her name was Maria Parra-Sandoval and she was a student at UNLV, and in the video clips of that question, that’s what she said her name was. Interesting that no one picked that up. So I popped her name into my Yahoo search engine to discover that Luisa is her middle name, her full name is Maria Luisa Parra-Sandoval, and she worked in Harry Reid’s office in Nevada and DC. (Picture on page 23) She was also invited as a guest on the floor off the 74th session of Nevada Legislature, by a man named Rubin Kihuen, he was elected in 2006 and a member of the Nevada Assembly Democrats. Upon further research and a tip from a commenter on another message board, it turns out that she came here illegally from Mexico as a child with her family, but since gained legal status, and has won scholarships to attend UNLV.

After the ass whooping Frau Hillary took at the previous debates in which she flipped and flopped over giving driver licenses to Illegal Aliens. The whole thing was designed by CNN and its flunkies to redeem Hillary Clinton. For Wolf Blitzer, the fluff girl of the democratic party, to let Hitlery get away with just a “yes” answer on the driver’s licences issue is just beyond me. Don’t even get me started on the post debate commentary, that was as big a fraud as Clinton him/her self!

The whole panel including Anderson Cooper was biased in favor of Clinton, CNN even used former Clinton Staffers and James Carville who is the “Head” Cheerleader for the Clintons.  Even the Liberal Schmucks at the NY Times and the KKKos KKKids have caught on to the shenanigans of CNN and in the spirit of Captain Obvious are chiming in at the usual speed of stupid.

I’m not even able to force myself to watch most of these “Debates”.  The highlights usually end up on youtube.  Like I told another BlogWonks Writer here at MensNewsDaily, these debates are nothing more then putting lipstick on a pig.  After the debates are over, the microphones turned off, the lights turned down and the bullshit shoveled, “IT’S STILL A G-D DAMN F*#CKING PIG DUMBASS!!!”

Hillary Clinton

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