When Muslims Go Redneck: Muslim Man Marries His Own Daughter Because Allah Said So!

File this under, “What would Muhammad Do?” and in the words of Jeff Foxworthy:  If your family tree has no branches, you might be a redneck! 

Apparently the Islamic god (not my G-d) Allah gave this Islamic Hillbilly in India devine instructions for him to marry his own 15 yr old daughter and then got her knocked up!!!  Sounds like something you’d see in the movie deliverance, pig squeal and all. 

From Times of India:

JALPAIGURI: A 36-year-old man who married his teenage daughter, apparently after convincing his wife that he was carrying out divine instructions, kept the event under wraps for more than six months. Until, his 15-year-old daughter began showing signs of pregnancy.

Villagers of Kasiajhora found out about Afazuddin Ali’s wedding when one of them found the girl showing pregnancy’s swelling signs.

The sordid drama of what happened, however, unfolded on Monday when Ali was produced in court. When Ali, a daily labourer who has three daughters and two sons moved to marry his eldest girl child, his wife naturally was aghast and protested madly. To placate Sakina, he told her he was only carrying out Allah’s instructions and the family would be rewarded. The poor, illiterate woman saw no reason to doubt her husband’s heinous act.

Can you say, “Assalam Alaykum, Ya’all!” 

When the village found out that he had been released, they formed a lynch mob and stormed his house, but he was rescued by the police.  At least in India they wanted to kill him and not his daughter.  In Pakistan, Muslim law would require the victim be killed instead of the perverted perp.

porky Muhammad

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