Hate In America By The Numbers: Jews Five Times More Likeley Then Muslims To Be Victims

Before reading any further, I absolutely refuse to use the word, “Hate Crime” in this piece.  Any crime against ANY person is a crime of hate…PERIOD, END OF FREAKING STORY!

Muslims in America have been pissing and moaning about cartoons, foot baths, seeing eye dogs,  Koranic toilet paper, and crying foul over every little thing they can find to be intolerant about, taking over Jesse Jackson’s long held position as a Perpetual Victim.

Meanwhile, back in the land of reality, Jews are 5 times more likely to be a victim of a crime based on religious bias then a follower of the Cartoon Like Prophet Muhammad.

From JTA.Org:

In 2006, 7,722 hate crimes were reported, following a year in which the number of hate crimes was the lowest in a decade. More than 1,462 were religious-based crimes; 66 percent of those were directed against Jewish individuals and institutions. The data were collected in accordance with the 1990 Hate Crimes Statistics Act.

The Anti-Defamation League cautioned, however, that those numbers fail to account for 5,000 police departments that did not report their figures to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Religious Hatred By The Numbers From The FBI:






















As you can clearly see, hatred of the Jews is still alive and well in America and it’s going to continue to rise if we continue to kowtow to Muslim extremists.  The religion of perpetual seething has cornered the market when it comes to perpetual (non) victimhood.

Terrorist attacks against Jews such as the one in Seattle, Washington in July of 2006 in which a Muslim man shot 6 Jews and killed one was downplayed by the Federal Government and especially the media out of fear of offending Muslims.  No one gave a flying f*ck about the Jews, just don’t piss of the followers of the Cartoon like Prophet Muhammad.  We don’t want such peaceful people rioting and burning cars here like they do in Europe with no price to pay for their animal like deviant behavior. 

Five times more Jews then Muslims are victims of a crime based on Religious Bias and the police rush to protect the Criminals and leave the victims to fend for themselves.

Go to ReligionofPeace.Com to see the crimes committed by Muslims around the world in the name of their so called god.  October 2006 alone, Jihad by Muslims has created 1252 dead bodies and 2287 critically injured innocent people in 19 countries, in 242 separate Jihad Attacks by Muslim Terrorists.

The media and our government, call this peaceful and loving:

The Religion of Peace

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