The Biggest Lie Ever Told: The Myth Of The Palestinian People

 When you throw enough shit against a wall, eventually some of it will stick as is the case with the traveling squatters known as the Palestinians.

Today, President Bush and Secretary of State Condi Rice are hosting a laughable at best, meeting of the minds in which I believe they will attempt to sell out Israel to the Arab aggressors who don’t even have the decency to shake hands with their Israeli counterparts.

Thanks to, we have a little history on the Greatest Lie ever told to the world.

From FrontPageMag:

 Arab propaganda has been successful in presenting a picture of the Palestinian people as the helpless and innocent victims of Israeli aggression — potential friends of America who have been alienated by America’s support for Israel and its failure to support a Palestinian national state. This decision is itself the result of a “Jewish Lobby” run by “neocons” and “receiving its orders” from Israel. The fact that Palestinians are now led by two terrorist organizations, Fatah and Hamas, is also blamed on Israel and the United States rather than on the Palestinians who elected terrorists as leaders. According to Palestinian revisionism, the Palestinians lived from time immemorial in historic Palestine, a veritable paradise of flourishing orchards and fertile vineyards, teeming with happy peasants. Then, the evil Zionists came and, with the support of the British, stole the Palestinians’ land, exiled their people, and initiated a reign of terror and ethnic cleansing that has not abated until this very day.Goebbels died 60 years ago, but his core propaganda strategy lives on in the Great Arab Lie that there exists a Palestinian people who have suffered great injustices at the hands of Israel, the UK, and the USA. Arab leaders know that if they just keep repeating the same lie often enough, eventually people will believe it — and the greater the lie, the more readily will people believe it.Since the Six-Day War, the Arab world’s most powerful leaders — in Egypt, Libya, Arabia, Syria, and Iraq prior to Saddam’s demise — have waged a war of words against Israel. Having failed to defeat Israel by means of naked military aggression, these leaders and their advisors decided, sometime between the end of the war and the Khartoum Conference of August-September 1967, to bring about the destruction of Israel by means of a relentless terror war.

America will be once again making an incredible error by turning our back on a trusted ally and lending our support to Muslim Terrorists and thugs such as Jimmy Carter did when he betrayed the people of Iran and allowed a Muslim Extremist to take power and take over an entire nation.

The Religion of Peace

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