B. Hussein Obama Already Plotting To Disarm Americans

Not even are we to the halfway mark of the 2008 Presidential Election and Presidential Wannabe Senator Barack Hussein Obama (D-Il) is already foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog in preparation of disarming Law Abiding Citizens of the United States.

From Yahoo News:

MILWAUKEE – Barack Obama says the country must do “whatever it takes” to eradicate gun violence but believes in the right to bear arms.

Obama says he’s offered his Senate office to help Northern Illinois University with the investigation into a campus shooting rampage. The shooting happened in his home state. Obama was campaigning in neighboring Wisconsin.

The senator, a former constitutional law instructor, says he believes the Second Amendment to the Constitution grants individual gun rights.

Senator Obama’s state of Illinois was the site of a mass shooting on a college campus on Thursday Feb 14, 2008 despite the campus already being a “Gun Free Zone” and several other restrictive gun laws in place, that were obviously designed to keep guns out of the hands of law abiding Americans more so then the hands of mentally deranged person.

Liberals like Obama are more then willing to Protect Terrorists and Criminals, and to strip law abiding Americans of their Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms, but are unwilling to do “Whatever it takes” to protect Americans from Islamic Terrorists and Illegal Immigration.

Wanna piss of the liberals and give Obama a virtual middle finger? Then my suggestion to Freedom Loving Americans everywhere is to take the Tax Rebate signed by both Republicans and Democrats, go to your nearest gun dealer and buy a gun.

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