The Federal Institute of Stupidology Denies Protection To American Citizens

How do you spell COWARD? D E M O C R A T

I guess gender confused cross dressing freaks, George Soros’ MoveOn.Org, and women with hairy arm pits have replaced Military Intelligence and Trained Spies as the people who are the movers and shakers in National Security, at least that’s how it would seem seeing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is kowtowing to her constituents in San Fran Freako and is refusing to extend a Spy Bill designed to protect Americans from Terrorist attacks. At midnight, the stopgap Protect America Act (PAA) surveillance reform measure expires. The Democrats are to busy fondling themselves and investigating steroid use in professional baseball then protect America from militant Islamic Terrorists.

From Michelle Malkin:

Can you see what’s happening here? The whole reason Congress enacted the PAA in the first place is because FISA was never meant to apply to foreigners outside the U.S. communicating with other foreigners outside the U.S. We are not supposed to need court authorization for that. We are not supposed to have to write affidavits, approved by the attorney general and others, demonstrating probable cause that such people are agents of foreign powers — as well as demonstrating that other alternative investigative techniques would not yield the same intelligence.

Those are protections afforded by the FISA statute. Foreigners outside the U.S. are supposed to be outside the protection of the FISA statute, just as they are outside the protection of the Constitution. Saying the government can go to the FISA court is no answer: Government is not supposed to have to go to the FISA court. These people are not supposed to have FISA rights. They are not supposed to have Fourth Amendment rights.

The clock on this is ticking and unfortunately so are Casio watch and Trackfone Detonators, but please, don’t bother Senators Clinton or B. Hussein Obama with such trivial matters.

Next time a soldier in Iraq or Afganistan is killed, or a car bomb goes off somewhere in the world, you can thank the following Democrats: Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, B. Hussein Obama, and Steny Hoyer.

Lately, I have disagreed with much of what President Bush has had to say, but this I agree with.

“When they come back from that 12-day recess, the House leaders must understand that the decision they made to block good legislation has made it harder for us to protect you, the American people,” Bush said.

Democrats apparently care more about Campaign Donations right now then they do about protecting America.   Now that time has run out, there is virtually no hope that Pelosi and the Obstructionist wing of the Democratic Party will discover a sense of responsibility to this country and it’s people.  Thanks to them, the Job of being an Islamic Terrorist just got alot easier.

3 responses to “The Federal Institute of Stupidology Denies Protection To American Citizens

  1. How can you use the argument that foreigners should not be granted the same rights as U.S. citizens, yet support a war in which our ongoing participation is justified by “spreading democracy”? I agree that intercepting enemy communication is an integral part of fighting a war, but this isn’t the right argument to make.

  2. When in the hell will Democrats finally start caring more about the welfare and security of American CITIZENS more then they care about the welfare and well being of bloodthirsty mass murdering doucebags such as the Islamonazis that want to dominate the world?

    Democrats are more interested in wealth reallocation, killing babies, and protecting terrorists.

  3. I think all foreigners should be kicked out of the country and the borders closed off indefinitely!!!! Call me prejudice if you want, (Because I am prejudice) But all foreigners
    should never be allowed in this country including all Niggers and Obama Bin Laden our worthless Nigger Prez.

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